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  1. I'm curious about this as well. On my miniboard that I'm building around the HX stomp, it might be more physically convenient to use the headphone out than the normal outputs. currently I'm tearing down my board trying to make room for just one more critical pedal (sigh).
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    Right on. Thanks!
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    Headrush FRFR

    Can anyone tell me what the set screw holes on the 'top' of the speaker cabinet are for? (by top, I mean the side opposite of the speaker stand socket)
  4. I'm going to mention a custom power supply I got for my stomp-based mini board. I'm running a line6 G70 receiver, the stomp, and a boss VE-500 off off a tiny (2x4x1"). I got it from sweefootpedals dot com, and the guy there will build you pretty much whatever you want. I'm currently trying to figure out how I can get a slightly larger ps on my board so I can have him make me one with 2 external stomps on it for switching presets on the stomp.
  5. I ended up getting a custom power supply for my mini-board, with a dedicated 1.5a output for the stomp, and two other .5a outputs, all isolated, and in a custom compact case 2x4x1" from sweetfootpedals dot com via reverb.The guy there totally gets it, and has a bunch of line6 PS stuff, including a PS with external stomp switches built in!
  6. So... I found the global setting to change the F/S selection from touch to press, but it doesn't seem to make any difference. I rarely play with bare feet, and can't 'select' F/S's through my boots. If I set it to 'press' or 'both' it still ignores the selection unless I press hard enough to activate the trigger, then it of course triggers. Am I misunderstanding how he capacitive function works? Also, while I'm displaying my newbiness, is there any way to double the functionality to have only the selected mode activated with a F/S is triggered? (ideally, I have two modules bound to a F/s and be able to select them on the samt F/s to trigger each of them individually...) Update: called into tech support and the rep had a stomp there and it was doing the same thing on 2.82 f/w and he opened a ticket for this.
  7. Well, at some point I got my truespot model #s mixed up. I was talking about running the HX stomp off of the just regular truetone 9v, (not the CS6). With the adapters, it is able to run the stomp and the G70 relay, but there is some light grounding hum (90hz-230hz). Enough that it registers intermittently on the stomp's tuner. It's pretty low volume and probably won't be noticed in a show because I can gain up the input signal and I set the input to line instead of inst (does that reduce dynamic range?) but it's a no go for recording so I guess i'm going to have to scale up from a daisy chain power supply, unless anyone else here has any ideas. :-/
  8. I figured it out, I think, at least what I need for my specific use case. The A and B path and switching thing still confuses me but I'll read more and learn more. What I ended up doing: all block on B path, Split A/B, B100, and the merge 0% A path, and I was able to map the polarity variable to a FS with HX edit. Since I'm not messing with a bunch of effects for banjo, this worked great. Maybe there's a more economical way to do it without a split and B path, but I'm good (for now). Then I discovered that the FS's are capacitive and you can assign multiple triggers to ach FS, and cycle through them by touching, but it has to be touched by something else capacitive. How do you cycle FS modes without using bare feet or bending over to touch them? I'm off to find out.
  9. Good news and bad news.GN: The parametric did the trick for static feedback cancellation, just as we surmised. (at least at rehearsal last night going through the mains w/ no floor monitor) Bad News, triggering the split with a footstomp eludes me. so... I must be doing the split wrong, or don't understand how splits are supposed to work. I set up my para, cab, and light reverb effect on a path a to start. got it all set up the way I wanted it to sound. then I duplicated the blocks on path B. (because I want the same sound, only inverted when I trigger the B path) and assigned the split to fs1. I didn't hear any difference (nor would I expect to) when triggering the fs1, so I said 'duh' and went to the variables for the cab and amped it way up and messed it all up, on path A, so I could hear a difference. To my surprise it just stayed on B path no matter what I did. So then I went to a built in preset that had a path A and B and sacrificed fs1 for that preset to the split, set the split to B100, and the merge to have 0%A path and tried again. Again stuck on just the B path. So I'm not understanding how splits work? Tonight will be the first live show with the stomp instead of my old parametric DI, fingers crossed I don't have to worry about monitor-based feedback tonight. I'll just have to stay away from lead vocal's floor monitor... I think the rest of us are using IEMs tonight anyway.
  10. Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to respond! You're absolutely right, that low end at just under ~400hz is where the body seems to resonate on my 6 string . I have to 140hz sized notch filters set at ~300 hz and another one at ~1200hz (for the strings) so presumably I have a 'hole' from ~230hz-~370hz, and another one from ~1130hz-~1270hz. This does give me pretty good plunkity action on my D string (Banjo is tuned EADGBE, with top E and A using light strings to a make a 'roll' with the double high 'E's I sound like a much faster banjo player than I am). We have a couple of metal songs that rely on that low D string for enhancing the bassline so I'll need to be mindful of that. I have a POS old Roland Amp that is suuuuper feedback-y so I'll be testing with that. So to set the Q size, is that the "Low Q" value? I presume LoFreq is where the control point is on the eq, and LoGain is how much off of 0db center that control point should be? I had been experimenting with the 10 band eq to do this same kind of thing, but if I can cut a strategic 'notch' with the parametric, all the better. I can always overall tone shape at a later block with a trad EQ or do it at the board (but I don't wanna). On the banjo, I don't need a bunch of blocks :D. I'm going to have to carefully read your instructions for th phase invert while I'm setting it up. I only briefly experimented with a and b paths when learning how to create a preset. AFAIK, the LRBAGGS phase invert is just a straight up wave invert on the signal output, so it's mostly for dealing with feedback from the monitors, and the phase changes every 4.8 feet or so away from the monitor (and is also based on if the monitor is running true polarity or not... some venues...)
  11. yeah, I remember unpacking my 1spot and because I didn't need them at the time the rando adapters got thrown in one of my 'cable hell' crates. My penalty for not being psychic and or having a better filing system :D I'm positive I will find them the day after I receive the replacements I'm ordering. At least they aren't terribly expensive.
  12. One of the pedals I'm hoping to replace with my new stomp is an LR baggs venue DI, which I've had to use to date as an anti-feedback for my mic'd banjo (in a punk band). The beauty of the lr baggs is the easy notch filter knobs and phase invert that allow me to quickly adjust to a new venue / bar / barn / wherever we are playing. FYI the banjo needs 2 notch filters because the strings resonate at one frequency and the body / drumhead another. I'm pretty solid on the concept of how both of those functions work on the lr baggs, and I'm thinking there's got to be a way to accomplish at least the notch filters, but before I start reinventing the wheel, I thought I'd post and see if anyone else has already done this (or similar) I did do some googling and searching on this forum so either I'm not using the correct terms or this might be a rarer request than I thought. Any Advice?
  13. Am I going to need to daisy chain the CYR AND the CL6 adapters together off of the truetone?
  14. Thanks. Yeah I figured it would be similar to other multi-pedal setups, as long as the total output is +20% above combined consumption levels, I should be fine. The 3A on the back of the stomp got me concerned tho. My relay g70 wireless receiver draws 500ma, so I'm guessing technically I will be ok with the 1spot 9v, but I'm approaching max capacity. Should I be concerned at all from a warranty / performance perspective running the stomp on a shared power config like that? (assuming I can find the plug converters that came with my 1spot or get another). I too, hate the included power supply. What was the thought on that configuration?
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