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  1. Thanks. It looks like BJClean1 cuts out the effects loop, which I had been using. Is there an option for an extra wildcard that still has the effects loop?
  2. Is there a patch similar to "BJ Clean" but still has the FX loop? It looks like the fourth "wildcard" block replaces the FX loop in that profile.
  3. Is there any way to add effects blocks to the signal chain for a profile on Firehawk FX? For example, I have an external compressor so I don't plan on assigning the Firehawk compressor to a foot switch. I was hoping I could add another effect in place of it (and in addition to the 3 completely assignable blocks). Right now I just have an unused footswitch because of this and would like to add an effect block and assign it to that switch if possible. As far as I know this cannot be done, but possibly functionality that could be added?
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