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  1. Super, thanks Phil (and jbuhajla). Will give it a go this aft.
  2. Thanks for your response. I'll give it a try this aft. The part that had me spooked is that on the Download page Release Notes, it does not say anything about "just install Editor" ... it's all about updating firmware, installing Editor, running Updater, and resetting. And, as you point out, it doesn't make sense that you have to do a factory reset to install an app - and that's exactly what I thought the instructions were telling me I had to do. Chris
  3. I do not have Editor on the new laptop - that's what I'm trying to do: install it without resetting my Helix.
  4. Thanks for your response Phil. So if I understand correctly, while installing the Editor software, I simply ignore the instructions to reset the globals and presets? Also, my Helix has firmware v. 2.20.0 installed - does this mean I have to install Editor 2.20 vs. the current released version (2.21)? I have to admit, I'm terrified of starting the process and then having it just start nuking my presets somewhere along the line and I don't have an opportunity to stop it. Chris
  5. I have found myself in the unfortunate situation where I have totally destroyed the laptop (including the hard drive) that I used to connect to and edit my Helix. Fortunately, the Helix itself survived, thanks to its rugged construction. But now I need to install the Editor, Updater, Native, and audio playback drivers on my new laptop. I did happen to save my Setlists and IRs to cloud storage; but have made many changes and added a few presets since the last save. I do not want to lose any changes since my last save. The Editor installation instructions are very clear that you have to reset globals and presets, and use your *existing* editor to backup your presets and IRs if you want to save them - well, of course, I don't *have* an existing editor on the new laptop. How can I transfer the current Setlists and IRs from my Helix to my new laptop?
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