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  1. Is there any reason why I couldn’t connect (2) M5 stompboxes in-line to allow for different effect combos (using stereo outputs/inputs)? Thank you!! Jamie
  2. Wonderful.....that helps a ton. Thank you very much!!
  3. Thank you for quick reply. So am I understanding the outputs correctly.....(just using at home) would I just plug directly from guitar into line 6 pod & then use (1) output from pod directly into the guitar input on the Line 6 Spider ii head & (1) output from the pod directly into the guitar input on the Marshall MG head? Thanks again!! Jamie
  4. So... I'm a little new to this equipment:) I currently have a Line 6 half stack (Spider 2 150w) and a Marshall MG half stack. If I purchase one of the Line 6 Pods (looking at XT Pro).....am I able to output to both of the amps simultaneously.....or can I only output to one amp. Sorry if the answer is obvious.....I've looked through the online manual....but the answer wasn't jumping out at me:) Thanks!! Jamie
  5. I have a Spider 2 head (currently with a slant 4/12 cabinet). It's been a long time since I bought the half stack....but at the time, I recall the salesman saying that I could not add a second speaker cabinet. Am I able to split the outputs off the head and run to (2) speaker cabinets, or will that change the resistance (ohms) going into the cabinet? Thanks!!
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