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    HX EDIT 2.51

    damn. Ok thanks guys! I don't have a SSD in my Macbook so I feared of upgrading so my Mac wouldn't die but I guess there is no option now...
  2. Yep just got mine. It has 8 stomps (but not 10 sadly). You can also configure the footswitches differently if you like (4 stomps 4 snapshots etc.)
  3. jozyil

    HX EDIT 2.51

    Hey I've got a problem with the new version too. I have a Helix LT and updated to 2.5 just fine. However the HX Edit 2.51 is crashing few seconds after starting. 2.30 version works fine but it's missing new effects and amps so it's annoying. Anyone is having similar issues? I'm using 2012 Macbook pro and Os Mavericks
  4. Hi, I've updated the new Helix LT firmware to 2.5 and all is good. However I installed HX edit 2.51 several times and every time it crashes on startup. I have Macbook pro 2012 with Mavericks installed. The previous Hx edit version 2.30 works fine after reinstall but I can't see the legacy effects or new amp models.
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