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  1. Thank you! Now this is helpful, unlike the Pilots guide.......
  2. There is no switch on the FBV 3 unit. Just the CAT 5 connector and the Type 2 USB Connector. Perhaps you're referring to putting the FBV 3 into update mode by simultaneously pressing the "FS1" and "A" buttons, and holding them down wile plugging in the USB cord. Learned that from reading forums. Again, not in manual.... Thx for reply.
  3. Thank you for the reply. I did them separately. My Spider Jam is 9 years old. I never paid much attention to updating, I just played. I also have 4 other amps, so I switch it up. I purchased the FBV 3 last week and that's where it started. I plugged it in and the LCD was displaying only the last user style played. So I fired up the PC and started reading these forums and of course signed up. I then ordered a USB/ SD Card device as well as 1 and 2 GB SD cards from Amazon. All the SD cards in our house are 16 and 32 GB. Learned by reading here that SD cards cannot exceed 2 GB, and that they must be formatted as FAT, and not FAT 32. So I downloaded Ver 2.09 for Spider Jam, loaded SD Card and all went well. However the LCD issue on FBV 3 still persisted, so I kept reading and searching. I got the proper type 1 to type 2 USB cable and plugged the FBV 3 into the USB port on my PC, but the PC wouldn't recognize it. Figured out how to put FBV 3 in Update mode, but still no go. So I kept reading and learned of Line 6 Monkey, which was a dead end as apparently it has been replaced by Line 6 Updater. Downloaded Line 6 Updater but it wouldn't recognize my username/email addy and password. Tried the Off line mode, but still nothing. That's when I wrote the post above and shut off the freakin PC and played guitar. Later, when I calmed down, I tried again. I started Line 6 updater plugged in FBV 3 to USB, put FBV 3 in update mode, and logged in with only my username (truncated email address), and voila! I could seethe FBV 3 updates. Downloaded and ran back to my guitar room and plugged in. Problem solved! Observations: 1. This post/reply may be verbose and redundant to some, but I tried to put it all down in the hope that someone in the same boat that I was in will be helped. 2. Line 6 products seem to be of good quality and Ive been satisfied with the products that I own, however the owners manuals are poorly written and simply not adequate. 3. This marriage of the guitar world and the PC world isn't for everyone. I'm by no means a Luddite, and am fairly competent with PC stuff, but I play guitar to get away from stuff like this. Maybe that's why my other 4 amps are all tube amps. Cheers, John S.
  4. I'm having the identical problem with my FBV 3. I cant log in to updater with username and password, then i choose offline, and select device is blank. I even tried it with the FBV3 in update mode. I have a USB cord with the type 1 and Type 2 ends, I plugged cord into the FBV3 and the USB port on PC. On my PC with Win 10, that USB port is F: It just shows a question mark for F: What is a USB select switch, and what is the correct position? HELP!!!
  5. Help. I cant figure out how to update FBV 3. I plugged USB into PC and downloaded update, but cant get update to go to USB.
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