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  1. I thought the helix floor version had a toe switch on the expression pedal which you could assign to switch from volume to Wah and back? The rack remote only has the toe switch input because it doesn't have the expression pedal on it. Unless of course you want two expression pedals with toe switches. That would be too much for my brain to bear while playing ;)
  2. Was about to order a FH1500 and a helix, but now I'm not so sure :s I'd rather not have to think about about the wet/dry/wet issues to be honest, I just want to create great tones quickly (isn't that the point?) You go and pay a mozza for this gear and you're telling me it can't just work without messing around with custom config? I should be able to send out L/R signals to the FH1500 and it should utilise all speakers to give me the full volume stereo sound that's promised from a 1500 watt FRFR system. If it doesn't then I guess it's not what it says it is. The stereo wide setting in the FH1500 sounds like it might solve the problem without messing around with funky settings. Has anyone tried using stereo wide with helix coming into the return loop (to ensure all speakers are used)?
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