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  1. Thanks guys. I did wonder...
  2. Since updating to 2.92 I've noticed that the Input and Output blocks on both Path 1 and Path 2 "flicker" when I play the guitar. It's as if they are detecting that there is a signal being passed through them. There is no detriment to the sound, and they are stable when there is no input. Has anyone else noticed or come across this? Is it normal? I wondered if it may be something to do with the new metering? If it is not normal behaviour is there anything I can do to cure it?
  3. This happened on my LT too after installing 2.80. I don't think there is anything wrong with the joystick as you can turn it and press it to select the setlist you want after pressing the left hand encoder. It doesn't work when trying to select the model, although you can turn it and it will scroll through ALL the models. I went back to 2.71 and the joystick behaves as expected (as expected).
  4. Hi Thibault, Are the two IRs used in "The Start Of Something Beautiful" available?
  5. NickM62

    HX Edit

    Does the new HXEdit overwrite the old editor, or does that need to be uninstalled? If so, when? before or after the 2.30 update?
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