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  1. I am talking about the Line 6 Updater Version 1.11 aktually.The firmware itself is 1.04 of course. Well,perhaps I have left out the drivers for the Amp under Windows,but thanks to OSX everythings fine now.
  2. Good morning and thanks again for your feedback. First of all - the amp now works again but only with the Updater under Mac OSX. I have downgraded to 1.01 and then it works. Also then upgrading to 1.04 keeps the input signal going :) Therefore, it must be an update flaw with the Line 6 Updater 1.11 under Windows 10 :)) Yiehaa, what a workaround but I cn keep the nice amp !!! Up to now I have no FBV pedal because I wnted to check out the Amp first. The expression pedal setting wer set to Min. 0% max. 100% - shouldn't be the problem, isn't it?
  3. What settings do you mean explicitely? Only drum loops work, for guitar loops you have to have a sound which isn't the case after update
  4. Ok, my exchange device arrived today with FW 1.02 out of the box. It works fine so far. After update to FW 1.04 the same problem again, no sound from guitar and impossible to revserse that by factory reset, It seems to be an irreversible problem within the update process, for me inacceptable for a modelling amp so that I will return it again and to look for an alternative. Sad but true :(
  5. For sure, I have now ordered a Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus also for a better editing purpose with the Spider Remote App since Android Emulation is not really working with the Line6 Cloud Presets. Besides that this tablet is a nice alternative for a book reader though Lenovo is still withholding the Android 7 update for last year devices.
  6. I think you can expect this for good customer relationship. When getting a brand new exchange amp there must be a new valid warranty. Hopefully I will get my replacement of the Spider V 120 this week. My German dealer promised a quick handling. Then I will try the update to 1.04 again directly via PC and not via Remote App.
  7. MEmu that ist free of cost works great but it seems that the "MEmu Wifi" is the problem regarding Line6 Cloud services. I did not find a workaround to connect to internet otherwise within this emulation.
  8. Thanks a lot but besides that Android X86 with VM is very lame and does not support the touch screen of my Windows Convertible. I checked it with Android X86 6 RC3 and 7.1 RC1. MEmu does that and is much quicker. I will double check the network of the App there, unfortunately no Cloud preset show up though other online features work
  9. Does this ISO support also Cloud preset access of Spider Remote App in VM? MEmu is not working with regard to this feature,
  10. I am waiting for my Spider V 120 replacement since I also had the sound dropout after firmware update :( Since I want an amp for rehearsal and song writing I do not want to spent that much on the one hand and like to have a full range speaker. I use a Win120 convertible tablet and checked out MEmu emulation software but I do not get access to Spider remote cloud presets though the app is running generally, The fact that Line6 has not implemented Wifi and/or Bluetooth is really a flaw so that there is no access to effect editing when recording. However, this amp has some great features including the footswitch range for that price in coparison to Marshall, Balckstar, Vox and Fender devices.
  11. Skylinebasser

    Spider V 60

    You are probably right but when the firmware update to 1.04 is highly recommended I can expect it works without flaws especially when a manufacturer is only offering a cable method. Well I am in contact back and forh with the European technical support sow and hope that they stay tuned to this issue/ticket. I will return the amp today and are looking forward to a quick replacement. The Fender GT might be an alternative and the BT/Wifi Amp solution is an advantage especially when using Android devices when recoding via USB but I do not like the knob quality and that the display is placed on top. The GT 200 would cost 500€ and the footswitsch is included. I will try the V 120 a second time and perhaps I will rethink my choice.
  12. Skylinebasser

    Spider V 60

    For sure I already did and referred as well to the forum entries here. They propose the standard stuff like updating again + factory reset but if it is that simple I would not insist on obvious flaws in that product (software) line. The support employee does not know the problems discussed here and believes in their standard trouble shooting, I will return the amp tomorrow and try an exchange device. If it is the same I will forget about Line6.
  13. Skylinebasser

    Spider V 60

    No, I do not have the FBV, don't need it and I am glad that I havn't spent more in this incomplete amp. Sorry but this must not be the case and the support is ignoring the posts here and I am not the one with this problem.
  14. @BillBee Thanks for your thoughts. I did not plan to buy a FBV since the Spider V should first of all be a rehearsal amp. Well, I tried that plug-unplug method of the headset but even on the headset no guitar sound. I have already done a factory reset via HomeMenu. The Line6 Technical Sevice is proposing doing the update once more and the factory reset. I hve started with the FW update via Spider Remote App, OTG cable over Wifi that worked out so far. After that no sound. Trying the Update Tool ober Win10 worked out as well, then factory reset but no change. This evening I will check it out once more before returning the amp to the dealer and I have doubts with an exchange because I do not want to run the risk to have that problem over time and/or with every possible update. For me this seems to be problem in they productline generally and no flaws of single devices, isn't it?
  15. I have the same problem with a brand new Spider V that arrived yesterday. After unpacking it worked, later on after update no guitar sound at all. Factory reset, changing cable, instrument... updating once more and trying headset jack - no sound from speaker nor headset. Only drumloops working. I am afraid having to wait up to 20 days for echange via dealer.
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