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  1. I often just leave my g10 plugged into my guitar, is this safe? Could it damage the guitar or the unit to leave it plugged in all the time (except when it needs charging)? Thanks,
  2. Make sure you're using the latest version of helix.
  3. cruzfolmli

    Helix Native Snapshots Midi

    Yes I use it. You need to Midi learn the snapshot index to a CC #. For example midi learn or set the snapshot index to CC #24 Send a CC #24 with a value of 127 it will change the snapshot index to 8. Once you confirm that is working set up another button with the same CC number as above (CC#24) but with a value of 20, it will change the snapshot index to 2 etc... So it will look like this: Button A = CC #24 Value: 127 Button B = CC #24 Value: 20 (you will need to make sure your foot controller lets you send a custom CC value and that the CC number is the same for both buttons) If you can't send a custom value the best you will be able to do at the moment is send a 0 (setting it to snapshot 1) and a 127 (setting it to snapshot 8).
  4. cruzfolmli

    Hardware for Native

    I'm running through a focusrite scarlett 2i4 no issues at all.
  5. cruzfolmli

    Block visibility of On/Off

    I think you could even do a bit more in dimming especially of the text of the off blocks, but like massive improvement. Wouldn't think it would be too hard - I guess they will bundle a bunch of fixes together.
  6. cruzfolmli

    Block visibility of On/Off

    Yep I've voted for it, and it seems it's under review according to the site - should be a simple fix but something that is much needed.
  7. cruzfolmli

    Helix Native Perform View

    If you're interested please upvote the idea: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Helix-Native-Performance-Live-View/926104-23508#idea-tab-comments
  8. Hi everyone, So there is a known bug with the new Helix 2.5 (Helix Native 1.5) mono reverbs. This has since been patched in the Helix 2.54 update (but not yet in Helix Native). So for those of you that didn't know - the bug makes the new mono reverbs (glitz, ganymede etc...) appear to have a really low mix/depth/wetness to them - making them almost hard to hear. So to fix this for now, make sure that you use your new reverbs in stereo mode (even if you run a mono set up). You'll instantly hear a much wetter sound. I've reported this bug for now.
  9. cruzfolmli

    Midi support when

    You can do this now if you use Ableton (maybe other daw's too) and are able to customise the CC number and value being sent from your midi controller. There is a Snapshot Index control that you can map to midi. Sending a CC value of 0-15 is snapshot index value 1, 16-25 is snapshot index value 2 etc... or something similar you might need to play around to get the exact values 127 is snapshot index value 8. You can only bind 1 CC number to the snapshot index so you need to make sure that whatever you bind the Snapshot Index to, you need to set the CC Number to be the same across all buttons. Example: I have midi mapped CC 24 to the snapshot index. Button A (CC 24 Val: 1 = Snapshot 1) Button B (CC 24 Val: 24 = Snapshot 2) Button C (CC 24 Val: 127 = Snapsot 8)
  10. cruzfolmli

    Is HxNative getting a bug fix like Firmware 2.52?

    Yep sure would hope so - I've emailed support with the bug also. What set up do you use?
  11. cruzfolmli

    Block visibility of On/Off

  12. cruzfolmli

    Block visibility of On/Off

    I also sent through a bug request. Because the software isn't behaving how it should. I think the main difference is actually in the text of the block. Have a look here: In the first picture the on and off blocks have the same brightness to the text compared to the second picture (the helix editor) which has a much more dimmed text. I mean you can also clearly see how much more dim the blocks are (look at the Verb)
  13. cruzfolmli

    Helix Native Snapshots Midi

    You map it to a midi channel not a switch. So say you map it to channel 24. Have switch 1 send CC #24 value: 1 then have switch 2 send CC #24 value:127 etc...
  14. cruzfolmli

    Is HxNative getting a bug fix like Firmware 2.52?

    Is there going to be the fix for the new reverbs when on mono? This was fixed on one of the newer releases for helix. What happens is the volume of the reverb when it is set to mono is so small. When you set the block to stereo (still outputting as mono) the reverb is much bigger.
  15. cruzfolmli

    Helix Native Perform View

    Any chance we could get a performance view that would make the window similar to that of a Helix Interface? Instead of 3/4 of the screen being for the editor? Would be good to full screen this part: