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  1. Thanks guys for the reply. I think for now I can only use the analog way. The sound quality is slightly lower than digital but at least I can process the sound.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I am not able to assign USB 1/2 input to any path. The path input options are not available for USB 1/2. So even if I place a compressor or volume block on path A it doesn't affect the sound. I can only find USB 1/2 trim on the global setting but I can't seem to assign that control to anything. Do you have another suggestion?
  3. For the Helix Floor, is there a way to control the volume of the USB 1/2 out with the EXP Pedal? I can control the volume with the volume knob but for stage performance, I would like to use the EXP pedal. I am connecting the Helix via USB to my laptop or iPad to play tracks. Thanks!
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