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  1. When I set "ARM" off, I got all Helix Native and Apple plug ins running OK. So far, everything working well and sounding good... Andre
  2. nice...thanks! Now I got it working. Seems to be working fine so far... Andre
  3. Hey guys, I am now experimenting with recently launched Universal Audio's DAW called "LUNA". Apparently, LUNA doesn't not recognise Helix Native as plugin or audio units. Does anyone have tried anything or know if there is any sort of compatibility ? Regards Andre
  4. Yeah, same thing with me. Normally I will write down all sets from snapshot I want at Helix Floor (or take a picture) and rebuild it in Helix Native. That's a lot of work...
  5. Hi there, Wondering if is possible to use snapshots feature we have in Helix patches (.hlx) with Native version. I have both versions (Helix floor and Native) but I couldn't find how to change snapshots when using Native version. I'm using Helix Native with Logic Pro X on Mac. Thanks a lot! Andre
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