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  1. I've updated to 2.60 and designed a few great sounding patches based around the new Cali Texas Ch.1 Model. However, is anyone else facing this issue I have, where the volume keeps dropping and then completely disappears? I've tried a few solutions that I've seen provided after searching about this online - such as not leaving the bass control at 0 (I have mine at 0.3, and 3.9 depending on gain structure and snapshot), and also assigning EXP 2 Pedal Position to 'Global' instead of 'Per Preset'. Unfortunately that still does not resolve the issue. It definitely is solved after I go to a different preset and then back again, but that does make it highly worrisome. Just played two relatively big shows where I had a bit of anxiety just making sure my volume wasn't dropping by continually going back and forth between presets, in between songs. Do chime in if you're facing this - and also if there are any solutions! best, Redwan
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