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  1. thank you so much for doing this, much appreciated!!!
  2. if i had a million dollars id still ask for 2.8
  3. Thanks for the reply guys, so will any AES/EBU cable allow me to control the powercab through the helix (2.80 patch)? sorry for the trouble, is there any benefit in using a l6 link branded cable over any other AES/EBU cable?
  4. Hi guys, I'm having a really hard time trying to buy a L6 Link cable here in Australia. I have been told from every retailer who stocks the cable in Australia that there is a 3-4 month wait for stock! So i placed an order internationally with Sweetwater, just received an email telling me that due to a vendor agreement the L6 Link cable can't and won't be shipped to Australia!!! I really want the cable so I can link a 2.80 helix and powercab, surely I shouldn't have to wait 3-4 MONTHS for a cable!!! Could one of the Line 6 staff help me out? Thanks.
  5. :D waiting on your xmas deals! thankyou for giving me a good tone
  6. Really sad that I missed the black friday sale :(
  7. h33f0x

    That's it???

    yep the tuner is the real winner in this patch, I dont care too much for the marketplace though Id rather get patches directly from the creators site.
  8. Hi Fremen, Iam trying to buy 3 packs but getting this error when the 10% discount is applied. Error: This discount is not active. Error: One or more of the discounts you entered is invalid Hope you can fix this quickly as these presets look so good, thankyou for making them!
  9. h33f0x

    Gig Bag for HelixLT

    I cant recommend the helix backpack enough, its worth the full $330AUD. Best investment for protection after the acrylic screen protectors!!
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