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    New Presets?

    This was super helpful for me. I blasted over the new presets with the full recovery without reading first. I really appreciate this information - thank you!
  2. Just updated to 2.3 - no issues or problems at all. I restored the backup and that went flawlessly as well. Great job Line6! This was way easier than the last update. Thank you!
  3. Also, you don't really need any extra string in the tuner with the locking tuners. The first time I changed the strings, I was in the mindset of having to wind a few turns around the tuner to make sure it was solid. You don't need to do this at all - just put enough string through the tuner hole, lock it down and tune it up - maybe half a wind or a single wind around the tuner is plenty. I might be wrong, but it seems like the physics of not having extra winds around the tuner makes it easier to dial in the normal string stretch.
  4. I've actually had this happen twice in the exact same spot. It happened on the factory strings (10s) - not sure what brand and Exilir 10s. My setup seems absolutely perfect to me. It stays in tune, the intonation is spot on and the action is nice and low. It really is the weirdest place for a string to break. On the bright side, a string change is like 3 minutes with the locking tuners. My Shuriken plays as well as, if not better than my ESPs and my Schecters
  5. Outstanding patch and playing! Thank you very much for sharing!
  6. at 47, I'm having them more frequently than I'd like. I really appreciate the response and helping me resolve my senior moment.
  7. I'm going to try some more experiments with different computers and setups this weekend, to see if the clean/effected sound issue is isolated to the Helix Native plugin or not, but so far it appears to be. I'm starting to think this might be a bug, or some type of incompatibility between the plugin and the sonic port vx. I know the Line6 dev's don't have a lot of time to read the forums and answer questions, so I will continue to keep "plugging" away at this.;-) If anyone has any ideas or thoughts on how to troubleshoot or isolate this, I'd really appreciate your input. Thank you.
  8. Here's my connection setup Guitar plugged into sonic port vx guitar input Sonic port plugged in via USB to the macbook pro Logic Pro X audio preference set to use sonic port vx for input and output Headphones plugged into sonic port vx headphone out Helix Native plugin loaded on track, no issues - sounds fantastic! My only issue is that I'm hearing the effected helix native plugin sound and the clean sound through the headphone jack on the sonic port vx. If I plug the headphones into the mono out of the sonic port vx, I only hear the effected native plugin sound, albeit in mono. Is this a setting somewhere that I'm missing, or is this just the way it's supposed to be? I know I'm probably doing something stupid, I just can't figure out what it is. Any suggestions/advice please?
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