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  1. Thanks for the advice guys!! Yes the goal is the set up my hd500 towards back of stage and never touch it. I’d like to get every single patch change cued up thru Showbuddy since that program is already controlling our light rig and tracks. Main reasons are 1# I love technology haha and 2 I’m tired of drunk college kids spilling their beers all over my board. Honestly, for the amount of abuse my hd500 has taken in the past 2’s holding up quite well. Well minus the two times my expression pedal snapped off lol. Super glue works every time.
  2. Hey guys. My band recently got a program called Showbuddy which will be controlling our entire lightshow and backing tracks. All of our songs have been pre-programmed with cues for the lights. This program also does midi cues as well so I thinking of using it to cue up all of my patch changes within my hd500x so I never have to touch it all show. Has anyone done with this specific program before?
  3. I’ve been playing my hd500 almost every single weekend for the best 2 years. I love the thing. It does everything I need. I run it direct to PA with stage sound. I have IEM’s in which I run a direct feed from my board so I can control my mix guitar volume. Actually entire band is on IEMs so there is 0 stage volume minus a bass cab and drums. So here’s where I’m getting at. My main tone is modeled after an EVH high gain tone. I use a two amp combo (boogie model and Marshall model ). I’ve had quite a few sound guys say they love my tone however when I reflect back on videos of us playing I am always disappointed. I always feel that my tone just doesn’t sound “big” enough. I can’t tell this from my iem mix. I know I can’t exactly judge this by a video recording but it still worries me lol. Does anyone have any tips toward achieving a nice full big distortion main tone with an hd500?? Another fear of mine is also “over-doing” it and just muddying up my tone.
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