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  1. Thanks. How do I reinstall the FW?
  2. Hello community, I have been having sporadic crashes on my HX Stomp for some time now. While I can still play guitar and hear something, but the complete UI is frozen. Also the footswitches no longer work. After a restart it behaves normally again. It happens every now and then, I can't see any regularity, still it's concerning and I wanted to check with you guys. I use the original power supply. I no longer have a warranty, the device is something about three years old. I hope you can help me. Greetings
  3. Dear Community, as you can see, my USB connector is kind of broken, but it still works! Now my question is: Is it possible to change this part or will I not be able to open the FBV Express MKII? Otherwise I would have to buy a new controller. Greetings and thank you very much, oobboo
  4. Unfortunately not, so maybe someone here could test it for me. Or I ask in the FB-group :). The Problem is that I cannot use multiple interfaces at once on windows. I would have to choose the Stomp as input and the Audient as output, otherwise I would have to change speaker- and headphone cables everytime, sometimes multiple times per day! I think that will not be possible.
  5. Dear Helix-Users, at the moment I use an Audient ID14 as my interface for Helix Native. It sounds good but in the past I used up my Helix LT as the interface and it sounded exactly the same as the hardware unit. But the latency for other vsts was very bad, so I changed to the Audient. At the moment I am searching for a mini modeling amp for bedroom use, so I was thinking that I could use the HX Stomp for that and on top I could use it for the DI-Signal through the line input of my Audient ID14. Is this possible? To use the Stomp not as an interface but just for the DI Signal through my main interface? Otherwise I would have to change cables everytime I use it at my desk. Greetings oobboo
  6. Dear Native-Community, I mostly use Native for Clean and Break Up Tones with my Strat and my ES-type guitar. I have to lower the input level inside Native to about -15 to -10 dB for a dynamic feeling. But I noticed that if I try to achieve a high gain sound for metal or modern rock, I have to raise the input level to about +5 to +10 dB. Otherwise Palm Mutings sound weak and the signal is not hot enough. It may have something to do with the low output of the pickups but with these I definitely have to raise the input level. Or is there another possibilty I overlooked? I use the Audient ID14 interface and the the input gain on this device is at the lowest possible level. Looking forward to your answers :). Greetings from germany, ooboo
  7. But it is not 99$ for LT-Owners? 30% discount off 299$...
  8. Hello helix users, Excuse my english. I am very happy with my Helix device, especially that I can use it as an interface. And I am using it on a laptop stand. The only problem with this solution is that I cannot use the looper properly with my feet. I heard bad experiences about the looper but I actually quite like it. If 1 minute looping time is enough for me, do I buy a midi controller like the one control gecko or do I better invest in a dedicated looper like the TC Ditto? Or do I search on eBay for the cheapest solution? :D Thanks for your time. Greetings from germany oobboo
  9. No I dont think so, I also tried my Ibanez 7 String with Dimarzio Blaze PUs, these are even muddier. I mean it is a strat, it is very bright.
  10. I watched your video on youtube and love every sound you get out of helix or helix native. I bought some Ownhammer IRs and know that it will not sound exactly the same but I am wondering that the sound of my helix is very bass heavy. If I try to recreate your petrucci-sound its way, really WAY, to muddy and fat sounding and I am using a Strat with a Mini-Humbucker. I use Low and Hi-Cut and try to find help, maybe someone is familiar with this problem? It sounds like a neck pickup in the bridge, especially with high gain. A boost pedal works but GuitarjonSDS uses only the distortion of the amp.
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