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  1. How long will it be available for the price?
  2. oobboo

    Helix Native sales, does that ever happen?

    But it is not 99$ for LT-Owners? 30% discount off 299$...
  3. Hello helix users, Excuse my english. I am very happy with my Helix device, especially that I can use it as an interface. And I am using it on a laptop stand. The only problem with this solution is that I cannot use the looper properly with my feet. I heard bad experiences about the looper but I actually quite like it. If 1 minute looping time is enough for me, do I buy a midi controller like the one control gecko or do I better invest in a dedicated looper like the TC Ditto? Or do I search on eBay for the cheapest solution? :D Thanks for your time. Greetings from germany oobboo
  4. oobboo

    John Petrucci Helix & OwnHammer tone tutorial

    No I dont think so, I also tried my Ibanez 7 String with Dimarzio Blaze PUs, these are even muddier. I mean it is a strat, it is very bright.
  5. oobboo

    John Petrucci Helix & OwnHammer tone tutorial

    I watched your video on youtube and love every sound you get out of helix or helix native. I bought some Ownhammer IRs and know that it will not sound exactly the same but I am wondering that the sound of my helix is very bass heavy. If I try to recreate your petrucci-sound its way, really WAY, to muddy and fat sounding and I am using a Strat with a Mini-Humbucker. I use Low and Hi-Cut and try to find help, maybe someone is familiar with this problem? It sounds like a neck pickup in the bridge, especially with high gain. A boost pedal works but GuitarjonSDS uses only the distortion of the amp.