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  1. I just wanna say thank you to the people that gave a simple response to the man’s question... If I would like 15 switches then I would like 15 switches please. Period. The end. Don’t care about the opinion of my choices for my own personal musical palette.
  2. Ok, so I own a regular Helix Pedal. I also purchased the Helix native software to record in Logic from my Mac. Here is what I want to do... I have my helix connected via USB to my mac... I am using Logic Pro X with the Helix native plug in. I'd like to record a guitar solo and use the wah wah effect in Native and control it from the Helix board. Seems like this should be easy and forgive me if it is, but I can not figure out how to use the expression on my Helix to control the wah effect in Helix native being used with logic. When I right click the wah in Native it asks to be assigned "knobs" and "switches" but I see no "Exp Pedak".... been messing around with this for a second and last try was to get Logic track to accept Midi control... but I am not doing it right. How can I control the wah with my Helix in Logic?
  3. I agree with the masses. 2 minute looper would have made it so much better. I play solo gigs by myself all the time and usually 60 seconds is enough to throw down a 12 bar blues or a couple of sections. But sometimes I need that extra time… for instance I like to play “Riviera Paradise” by Stevie Ray Vaughan... it is a slow ballad and to lay down the entire structure it is over a minute therefore I now need another machine to play that song. This would not have prevented me from buying the helix. The benefits I have received from using it are awesome so this is just a little detail... but it is slightly important for gigging musicians in the world.
  4. I just got my Helix a month ago. I love it, using amps and other equipment in ways I never knew about... I have been using the four cable method and also running three pedals that I really like and paid a lot of money for. I have room to run one more large pedal or multi-effects unit on the paddleboard that sits next to the helix when I play live. I would like to add maybe an even tide or a Strymon... is there anything in the M-series or anything about this HX pedal I’m not getting with my Helix? Is there a line 6 product that would compete with the Eventide or strymon timeline for this last spot on my peddleboard that lives next to my Helix?
  5. I just got the helix and I am very happy with it. Although I have an interesting contribution to this thread. I looked at the Line 6 tutorial video about the Hendrix sound and dialed in the Arbiter as in the video. I had band rehearsal that night and tried using this fuzz in front of my mesa boogie roadster clean tone at a pretty good volume. While it sounded perfect at low-volume in my apartment... it did not do well as a front of the amp, loud, live effect. Was getting weird overtones on the lower strings that were almost pitch shifting and making it sound out of tune and was not cutting through the mix. I still have some messing around to do but the Wampler velvet fuzz for live sound at this point in my opinion is superior to what’s in the helix. Granted there may be some parameters I am missing. And that really is why the helix such a wonderful thing the ability to adjust such parameters and understand your affects better than before. I’d like to say this is just one little thing that I was a little bummed about... it might even be my fault and not the Helix... the rest of the effects through the helix the choruses and delays run with four cable method through my mesa are incredible and the Helix is worth its price tag.
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