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  1. For anyone still on the fence between the Helix and AX8: I own both the Helix and the AX8. Both are amazing at what they do. As it has been said a thousand times before. Helix is way easier to use, has more routing options and has a MUCH better screen. No arguing that. And sounds WAY better than Line 6's past efforts in this market IMO. The AX8 amp sims and effects, for me sound a little better (not WAY better) and has more variety of sounds to choose from as your taste changes. Obviously option overload in some cases. Some people talk about Fractal having a head start in terms of amp models available but I disagree. Line 6 has been in the game for WAY longer. Some of the amps I will probably never use. But the effects are really nice. With that said, when I got my Helix I started programming it for live shows and it was so easy. Had it up and running in no time. The AX8 however does take a bit more time to get up and running and to wrap your head around. But once you get the hang of it, it's a breeze. Especially with the computer editor. Forget about programming it via it's screen. It can be done, but the learning curve would be immense IMO! After a month with it, I could confidently say that I could make tweaks via the onboard screen at a show. No issue. Whatever one is best for you simply depends on your work flow and how much time you're willing to invest. TIP: DO NOT and I repeat do not dial in your sounds with headphones. That may be common knowledge at this point but I thought that I'd throw it out there anyways because it wasn't for me. Get a PA speaker and dial it in at loud volumes. Studio monitors are OK but if you plan on using it live, use a PA speaker. What sounds good on a PA speaker will probably not sound good to you with headphones. You can't loose with either of these units. What a great time to be a musician! Cheers guys and happy tone chasing!
  2. Either way... Helix or Ax8, you'll be tweaking away. haha
  3. Like many here, I have owned the Axe FX II and now the Helix. I owned it for a little over two years. In that time I extensively gigged and recorded with it. Trust me when I say, you are not going to find much, or maybe even anything for that matter, with the AX8 that you cannot get with a Helix tone-wise. Maybe option overload! Been there. As for functionality, Helix wins there everyday of the week. I am by no means a Line 6 fanboy either. Just wanted to offer my experience with both units. With any modeler it takes time to get use to dialing it in the way you hear it in your head. Sometimes it takes a little thinking outside of the box. Even with the Fractal stuff, if you comb the forums, there are plenty of threads where people talk about how disappointed they were with the unit when first getting it. Good luck!
  4. I really like some of his ideas on placement and switch programming. Opened my mind a little. I may have to revisit my patches before my first gig on Friday. Thanks for sharing this!
  5. satch4u4

    Helix + H9

    That's exactly what was causing it. Ch Vol was on 9.7. Turned it down and the clipping went away. Beginners mistake. Thanks so much!
  6. satch4u4

    Helix + H9

    So it turns out the setting for the loops are set to instrument. Any ideas why it's still clipping? Someone must have run into this before. :unsure:
  7. I second Dirty Shirley or Dirty Shirley Mini and BE-100. Some Friedman love would be amazing! :)
  8. satch4u4

    Helix + H9

    Well that's probably it then... :wacko: I will check and report back. Thanks!
  9. satch4u4

    Helix + H9

    After I posted this I was wondering the same thing after looking at the parameters of the Global Settings. What are the default settings? I don't have my Helix in front of me at the moment but whatever the default setting are as I have not changed them.
  10. satch4u4

    Helix + H9

    Is anyone else having issues with clipping the H9's input with it in one of the Helix's FX Loops? I have to turn down the FX Loops send level to -2.5db in order make it stop clipping but it messes with the over all level controls of the H9 I am finding.
  11. Just bought these and most of them are good. The cleans are a little to compress out for my taste but are def a great starting point. Has anyone taken any of these presets to a FOH situation?? If so, what was your experience? Thanks for the great work Fremen! You def have a great ear. I used some of your Axe FX 2 presets for FOH application when I had one.
  12. Is it possible to bank up and down scenes on the G70? I have an electric going to an amp on output A and an acoustic on output C. I'd like to set up a total of 4 scenes. Scene 1 to output C, scene 2 to output C with a 3db boost, scene 3 to output A and scene 4 to output A with a boost At a typical gig I spend the first half of each set with an acoustic and second half with an electric. Is there a way to bank up and down scenes? As you can imagine going from scene 1 to scene 2, I would end up on my electric output when I want to go back to scene 1 unboosted.
  13. I just picked up a G70 yesterday and am wondering about powering it with the Pedal Power 2 Plus. So this current doubler cable.... Is this the same hook ups required to power the eventide pedals(TimeFactor, ModFactor)?
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