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  1. SkyRoxx

    Normalizing sound

    Well, another time thanx to all who answer and for the money I will save :D :D
  2. SkyRoxx

    Normalizing sound

    Ok, thanx a lot !! So, I'm on a way to test ALL my presets ans snapshop in "live" condition :/ This gonna take me 2 years ^^ Anybody ear about a rack witch can "control" Db betweent Helix and the PA ?? Something like this may do it or not ? https://www.thomann.de/gb/the_tracks_limit_2_2.htm?
  3. SkyRoxx

    Normalizing sound

    Hy everybody ! First of all, please forgive my bad english, I'm french :p I just want to know if there's a way to "nomalise" sounds that coming out of the Helix (rack) ... And how to do it ^^ I explain : I have plenty of sounds and personal presets, but I realy have problems to have a "normalised" sound on main mix ... In exemple : A "clean" tone then a "drive" one, how can I have both to the same volume on the PA ?? When I play and ear with a headset, it sounds to be great but when I put it on a PA system, the volume (Db) is very different !!!! It's a tragedy !! :/ Is there any way to have all presets and different tones at the same volume on the PA ? Just like if I "normalise" with a DAW soft. I want to have this when I play live ... Is there a way to do it with the helix ? with an external rack ? witch one ? Thanx in advance for all, and please don't be too technic with the words in your answer ^^ :p SKY.
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