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  1. Nope. It didn't get fixed. Thank you though. I'll open one i guess.
  2. Hello everyone !! Any idea why this is happening? It appeared 2 days ago on 4 LCDs, right out of the blue, although it was way smaller. All the rest of the screens are fine (at least for now). Today it seems like it expanded even more, it almost covers the whole screen from side to side. For the record, the pedal didn't drop/hit anywhere. To be fair, 5-6 months ago, i had noticed a very small yellow dot on "Bank Down" LCD. I assumed a it was a pixel issue on that specific screen but, it was too small to make me worry it would expand or something. Any clue what the problem is?
  3. Ok. I would appreciate to get your feedback whenever you try it on Floor. I'm curious to see if it's a general bug or just happens to me :) Thank you in advance !!
  4. Yeah.. I've done a Global Reset. I also restored my back up twice but nothing worked. Like i said, it only happens when i have spillover on. When it's off, everything is fine.
  5. No Phil. My presets are on the same level. I use these presets on live gigs so, the whole pedal is set correctly when it comes to leveling sounds. That's what i'm saying. It doesn't maintain the position when the pedal is set to Spillover ON. If you said Spillover OFF, it works just fine. In simple words, when Spillover is Off, Global Position works correctly on all EXP pedals. When Spillover is ON, Global Position on all EXP pedals doesn't work and instead it gives you an almost random pedal position value every time you change preset, even if you don't touch the EXP pedal at all. I could have it to 50% for example while playing "Preset 1", then switch to "Preset 2" or any other preset ( i also tried switching 3-4 presets in a row), and figure out it gives me some random Values (say 82% or 36% for example) and even when i go back to Preset 1, there's a 50-50 chance it gives me a random number again. Some times it keeps up with the Global position and some other times, it doesn't. Check it out and tell me if it works ok for you please. Thank you for your reply.
  6. 3.0 Firmware New Bug Report !! Hello guys. So there's a bug that's caused ONLY when you turn Spillover ON. I've double checked it and here's what happens. Let's say you have all EXP(1,2 & 3) pedals set to Global Position which means they keep their value while you change presets. Now, lets say you have a Volume pedal on Exp 3, while you have Spillover OFF, it works just fine, retaining its value while you go through presets. When you have Splillover ON tho, that value keeps switching while you change presets and especially when you have EXP 3 as your volume pedal, you get massive ups and downs on volumes between presets, which is annoying. The same problem happens to EXP1 and EXP2 as well. I hope they fix it soon cause Spillover is kind of a good Addon but it's useless like that.
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