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  1. Greetings All, What are the latest version numbers for the Flash and USB firmwares? Thank-you!
  2. Hey All, I was watching this YT vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjEolSe71Jw At the beginning of the vid, the guy explains his signal chain and says that he's "...hooked the POD directly into the power amp section of the Blues Deluxe bypassing the whole tone stack. The Pre Amp is gone and he can't even control the volume using the amp's controls...". Can some of the more experienced folks tell me is this is the same as using an amp's F/X loop? And, if anyone has a BD, is this a typical "feature" of the amp or is it something that's most probably a post purchase mod? Thanks! Bill
  3. It worked when I right clicked and ran it as Admin! Thank-you!! It built a .csv file which I opened in XL. I know this is asking a lot but I was hoping to see the presets and parameter values also. Have you heard of any way to get those? Once again, a big THANKS! Bill
  4. Thank-you hurghanico! I haven't had any luck getting this to work. I used the POD HD500X Edit software to save a bundle. The default name was "POD HD500X Bundle 2017-Nov-11.5xb" which I renamed "HD500preset.5xb" and copied it to the same folder as HD500.exe. I double clicked HD500.exe and nothing happened. I even monitored Task Manager and saw nothing. I then tried renaming the file to "HD500preset" (w/o the extension) and tried running HD500 again. Same result. Have you used this lately and can confirm (or anyone!) it's working? Thanks! Bill
  5. Hi, Has anyone tried and know of a way to download all currently stored Set Lists and Presets into some type of text file? I'm just know tearing into my new POD HD500 and I'm trying to see what's available. I see the information using the EDIT software but I'd like to have a separate, printable copy. Thanks! Bill
  6. Just purchased a POD so a total newb. Line 6 recommends the software for POD HD500x owners but doesn't really say what it can do. Best, Bill
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