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  1. Report post Posted 2 minutes ago "Not sure where you got the weights you listed, but the LT weighs 12.5 lbs and the Stomp weighs 1.75 lbs. But, yes, the modeling on the Stomp is exactly the same as on the Helix. It has half the processing power, though. So if you can create a patch on the LT using only six blocks on one processor path, you could recreate that on the Stomp." Yep, I was a bit off with the weights. Maybe I was thinking after I packed up my LT in its bag with all the cables and stuff. Ether way, the stomp is a lot lighter which is what I really need. And yes, Every preset on my LT is only on the top path (1). So they should be able to be recreated on a stomp. Just making sure im not overlooking anything. Thanks all for the comments.
  2. Good point.......My LT tells me when I need to use the 2nd path (processor) and the 1st is tapped out. So far all my presets have no issues putting the blocks I want into 1 path so im hoping the stomp will be able to handle it. I only use 5 patches for all 3 sets from my band so just using the stomp to scroll up and down to the patch I need will work fine.
  3. Hello all, I currently have a Helix LT and completely love it. I run it right into my bands PA and it sounds great. However, I have serious spine issues that keep getting worse. The LT is about 24 pounds and the stomp is like 2.5. This makes my spine VERY happy. Line 6 says the stomp is the same as the regular Helix with the only limitations are the inputs and outputs and the limit of only 6 blocks. Anyone using the stomp as the main rig right into the PA? I have recreated all my main presets on the LT to only use 6 blocks to match the stomp. So im thinking a stomp with a mission pedal into the main pa. Thoughts? Thanks all.
  4. Is there one? The pedal on my LT is squeaking now. How can I clean it and fix this?
  5. Haljon

    Building your tone

    What is P&W? I really like the tone of the Litigator as well. Great sounding amp block.
  6. Haljon

    Building your tone

    Very true. I have already benefited form this a lot. I am a much better player now then I was before. NEVER did those "country bends" before but now, im getting them down.......There are a LOT of great players and song from those artists. Did I lose a bet? that was funny. Cheers !! No, I just love to play my guitar and just love music..All music. My heart will always be metal, but I love it all. I am very lucky to have found the players in my band now and could not pass on this learning experience. It also opened me up to some amazing music and players that I might not have heard. Its just a lot more complex then a high gain and clean tone.
  7. Haljon

    Building your tone

    This is great information. Please understand I come from a metal background where I was using high gain, delay and reverb. Thats all. My current band is James Taylor, Jackson Brown, Linda Ronstadt and Carly Simon songs. Not high gain tunes at all. Lots of cleans and low gain. This is all new to me. For the EQ you said you put in your chain to "clean up any frequency problems that need to be accentuated or reduced" What are the frequencies in a guitar tone and need to be reduced/dealt with? Are there Common ones? or is it just subjective? Also, why the volume pedal? What do you use it for? Im sorry of these seem like dumb questions, I normally would just plug in and use my volume knob in my guitar to kill the signal in between songs. Never really used it for anything more then that. ​And thanks Everyone for the info, im learning alot already.
  8. Haljon

    Building your tone

    Good point. I understand with something like the Helix, there are 100 ways to do one thing. I just want to make sure in not missing something major. Like for example, I never used to use the low and high cut on the cab blocks. Now, EVERY preset has them on. Its just sounds so much better with them on. The Helix has so many options I just want to make sure in not missing something else as important to me as the high and low cuts. Which compressor do you use? Do you mind telling me how it is set? I never used compressors before I got my Helix. I never had a need for one. Thanks
  9. Haljon

    Building your tone

    This is a good point. I understand what you are saying. I still dont understand why the need to add all the other processing to it. Every time I add the same stuff they do int the video, it (to me) seems to color the tone too much and take something away form it. If I need that much processing after my tone to make it something better, then to me im using the wrong amp block ,cab block and mic's. There are so many option between the amp block and the cab block I almost always get a great tone without adding anything else. Do other do this too or do people feel the need to add stuff to.....get it a more polished tone? (whatever that means).
  10. Hi all, Now that 2.50 is here and I got time to spend with the Lonestar and BE100 models (my 2 fav models so far). I started creating new presets around them. I still consider myself somewhat new to the Helix and modeling, so im still not totally sure what I am doing. I have been watching a LOT of video form as many people so I can see what others do to create their tones. Im also looking up the manuals of the amp blocks I like to better understand what each knob really does. This is a big help especially for the BE100 block. The one question I have is, everyone I've watched seems to add a distortion pedal block, a number of EQ's and almost always a compressor at the end of the chain. The amp and cab blocks alone are not enough. Im not sure I understand why so much gets added. I know tone is 100% subjective, but am I missing something here? Do I NEED a compressor at the end of my signal chain when I have a BE100 block in it? Im not really understanding the benefits from it. A common thing I would hear in these videos is to add an EQ at the end of your chain as a way to "master" your tone. Currently my chain is just the amp mod split into 2 cab models ( like to blend them) and then I add my effects (delay and reverb) and I think it sounds awesome. I do add an EQ block just before the amp mod but it just for different guitars to EQ the pickups a little bit. A few of my guitars are really dark sounding so the EQ just brightens them up a little so the tone is more consistent between guitars. I turn that on and off depending which guitar I use. For now, my Helix LT is ruining into a small Yamaha mixer, then into a Crown 602 power amp into 2 Yamaha CV12M speakers and it sounds awesome. With the band, we use 2 Bose L1 Systems and the Helix goes right into them. I'm just trying to learn all I can so I can spend more time playing my guitar then tweaking my presets. So how do you build your tone? What blocks do you ALWAYS use and why. Thanks all !!
  11. 100% agree. I was playing with them last night. They sound awesome !!! Ill be using the lonestar in my main presets now.
  12. Looks like a re-branded Alto....
  13. Haljon

    Waddy Wachtel

    Anyone have a good Waddy Wachtel type patch ? Thanks
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