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  1. Your comments are like cancer. I don't understand why you waste your time being here if your words are just condescension and offer nothing to the conversation. It did not "Sink In" - I followed the steps recommended several times and it was not until a combination of all of the steps were completed in a particular order that the issue resolved. The engineer that I was speaking to in the end said this was a 1 in a million case where the outdated bios corrupted the initial windows install and there was no real way to tell because everything else was functioning perfectly. It was not until we did a full wipe, format, update bios, reinstall windows and then install the sound driver alone - IN THAT ORDER - that the issue resolved, and even that has not been a solution, it's been a work around. My goal is to help future users of both of these products to be able to avoid this issue, or at minimum fix it if they have it so they can use their machines to the best of their production capability, not some hack-me work around. It's not that I "cannot be happy with that" - it's that this is a multifaceted machine, being used for a multitude of tasks and software. Something you clearly don't understand because you "Just play guitar". I'm going to install each driver for the motherboard so that it works to the best of its ability and once I find the culprit, I'm going to report it to line6 and to ASUS for further testing so that they CAN support the device. A task, by the way, that they ASKED ME TO DO for the betterment of the community. Anyway, thanks everyone who provided a piece to the puzzle. I'm still testing now, and will report back with the culprit. Windows did update overnight to Win.1083 and I had no BSOD this morning.
  2. Update: All was not smooth from there. I downloaded drivers for: - DVDROM - Sata SSD Samsung EVO - i7-8700 Coffee lake - NVidia GTX 1080TI Driver/experience platform All without issue. I then began downloading the MOBO drivers from the ROG disk that came with it. It installed 6 drivers and 4 auxillary applications that allow complete tracking of the mobo and components performance (temps, speeds, etc). After reboot, PC cycled through startup and then BSOD after ~30 seconds post login just as it did before. Just to be 100% certain,, I uninstalled the full suite of apps and drivers, rebooted, and am currently typing this with my Helix as the primary soundcard. It's 1 am where I am, but tomorrow I will narrow down to EXACTLY which driver/app is causing the crash and report back. Kindly, JR
  3. Hi Everyone! I was able to resolve the problem just now. I again erased the SSD, formatted the drive, reinstalled windows, updated the Bios, and did NOT download any windows 10 updates or drivers except the Line6 Helix driver and Line6 Hx Edit. When I turned on the Helix I got the lovely Windows Jingle letting me know that it recognized a newly connected device. It loaded for a moment, and then selected the helix as my primary audio device. All seems to be well. I'll be downloading each driver for each PC component with the helix on and plugged in JUST in case one of them is the culprit for the BSOD. I will report back if I learn anything further but for the moment, the issue has been resolved. Fingers crossed that all is smooth from here. Now to learn a new DAW......
  4. You took my "not open to suggestions" out of context. I'm not looking to replace a several thousand dollar build specifically for this function in production as a work around. I posted to seek assistance with my current setup which is specifically FOR music production. A comment like "Well.. use a mac for music" is not productive or helpful, and not a "logical suggestion". Additionally, I mentioned in another post above that i've already done a fresh install of windows. Thanks for your suggestions, and feel free to go "watch people struggle" elsewhere. I need help with my setup, not random, unsolicited comments that wont resolve my small, albeit frustrating technical issue.
  5. Absolutely agree with the first part. Your suggestion made perfect sense, which is why I said yes, I've already tried those things. I'm definitely in the support loop between the drivers and Mobo. Waiting to hear back from ASUS regarding their plan for moving forward. They were able to identify that the install of the latest BIOS update was not successful. We're going to try and do that again and see if that helps, but the tech that I spoke to has moderate to low hopes. We shall see. I would absolutely rather be playing music than troubleshooting PC issues as well. That being said, I moved to the PC because Mac standard products could no longer keep up with the level of production I provide. Appreciate the tips! J
  6. Thanks, that's insightful. I think I'll do another fresh install of Win10 and ONLY plug in the helix just to see what happens then. It's bizarre that it only happens with the helix. I have my Nektar, UAD Apollo, and a few other devices plugged in at random and have Zero issue with those. It really does appear to be an ASUS issue. Their most recent update to our open support ticket was "Well, here's a list of our supported devices" ..... I think I'll try and get someone on the phone again.
  7. Wicked cool man. "One serious suggestion though, revert to Mac for music, use a PC for games. Yes! I’m biased." I'm not interested in suggestions. I'm looking for troubleshooting support on my current device. I already made the jump from Mac to PC and I posted here for troubleshooting assistance. You do you, though.
  8. Yes, I did. I understand your standpoint, but I JUST built this PC. I am not going to strip it and sell it because of a driver issue. I didnt post this question for alternative options, I was asking for knowledge and experience for work arounds or resolutions. In your own words, a "special cutting edge" board should have Zero difficulty with this minute task. I don't disagree that old school can be better, for sure. But that's not a journey I'm on at the moment.
  9. Every time I plug in my Helix, i get BSOD. I followed every trouble shooting step I've seen here and when I called, support had no alternatives to give other than the conclusion that the motherboard was not able to support the device. I called ASUS and they gave me a handful of additional troubleshooting steps that were unsuccessful and it ended, after being escalated 3x, with a "Sorry, that device just isn't compatible." I can plug in all my other midi devices. We tried changing legacy USB settings in Bios. Fiddled with the drivers 900 times (uninstalling, installing one at a time etc.) mobo: ROG Strix Z370E Gaming Midi: Line 6 Helix I'm very frustrated as this issue has been going on for ~20 days and I was hoping to use my Helix as my primary source of tones while getting used to my new DAW to force myself to use it more and become more comfortable. For context, I switched to PC after being a 10ish year mac guy because editing in 4k and multitracking was becoming a nightmare on my imac pro and I have a background in IT using windows devices. Many thanks, J
  10. YOU SIR are a godsend. Thanks so much. I was having the hardest time doing this as well. JR
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