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  1. Im reading that its a Serial Loop. What do you mean by programming the HD to send the correct CC to the Red Channel ? SO I put the FX Loop where I would usually have an amp. I can play with the positioning a little once I hook up. The issue I was having was that the red channel wasn't giving distortion. It was just clean no matter which channel I was on. Which was making me think the amp was bypassing its settings and acting as a pre amp. Im sorry if my terminology is incorrect I am very new to this technical stuff. Albeit basic as it is.
  2. So there's no way I can just run the HD and have a channel without Amps and Cab sims, just a few pedals for effects and a noise gate and be able to switch my amp between the 3 channels it has ? Basically it seems locked in the clean state even when I switch to dirty. Can it be bypassed so I can get the RED channel ? Im playing metal so I could lock in the RED and use the HD for Noise Gate and maybe effects id be a happy camper.
  3. I don't know what im asking as im new to all of this so let me try to explain again. Forget the Marshall. Right now im using the 4CM on my EVH. Not totally happy with the sound. I went through different outputs and Studio/DIrect sounds the best to me. Stack Power Amp sounds more Hissy, or Fizzy. Another issue is. I would like to use the Distortion side of my EVH and have the option of using the Line6 HD500 for Noise Gate, EQ, Effects, etc. This was I can part ways with my current pedals and rackmount Noise Gate. It would be nice to downsize if this pedal can pull off the things I need. While using the 4CM I have no access to the Distortion side of the amp. All controls on the amp are inoperable in that they control nothing. Everything is controlled from my pedal. What are my options ?
  4. Will the effects loop pick up the true amp and cab sims ? Or do I need to use the Head as a pre amp to achieve this ?
  5. I understand that they will sound different. But what will. need to change for output settings ? How do I go about hooking it up into the amp ?
  6. Hey everyone. I currently use my HD500X in my studio for home use. I am going to jam with some friends and they have an extra Marshall Head and Cab there I can plug in so I was hoping I could use my HD500X so I can get the tones I want. I am not a Marshall fan and I don't feel like dragging my EVH, and Cabs over so I was wondering if I can use his Marshall head as a preamp and just run my settings which is amp and cab simulation to get the tone I like ? Is this possible ? What do I need to do in order to get this to work ?
  7. Im running "High Sierra 10.13". Shortly after using HD edit and clicking through channels its freezes and than sais the it cannot detect an interface. It also drops out of Logic as well. I have to restart the Mac in order for it to connect again. Any ideas ?
  8. Hey all, Im new to this unit and anything like it. I currently have for my rig a EVH 5150iii head, Orange Cab, and a Pro Rack Decimator noise gate. So I have some tones that I have made that sound great when im using the HD just with my headphones. However, if I want to take these tones into my rig how can I do that ? I can try and drop the Decimator as I would like to see how well the Line 6 noise gates work with the EVH head. Of course having the option of putting it back in the chain would be nice as the Pro Rack Decimator is one of the best Noise Gates on the market. Would I need to turn off amp and cab sims ? Is there a universal way of doing this so every channel drops it out or do I have to make individual presets for those settings ?
  9. Ok, so than what you are saying is the sound the would be recorded is what I am hearing with the quality of the HD. It just sounded way better in the HD. Not a little better, ALOT better. So I was worried that maybe I need to go into a good interface and than the MacBook, even thou I was under the assumption that the HD was an interface. However I am new to this unit so maybe it isn't considered a good interface. Obviously the last thing I want is a lollipop recording. So your saying it is possible to run my HD in the MacBook and use the HD as the output audio source as well ? So anything in my recording, not just guitar from the line 6 can be heard through the headphone jack of the HD unit ?
  10. How should I hook this up so I get the same sound into my MacBook that I am getting when my headphones are straight out of the HD500X ? I understand that. However I'm not listening to the sound through speakers. I am comparing my headphones being plugged into the HD500X, to the HD500X going into my MacBook and my headphones now coming out of my MacBook. So basically I inserted a MacBook between the chain. I want to have the sound going into my MacBook the same quality that I hear in my headphones when I am straight out of the HD500X. How can I achieve this. Is it setting within Logic? or do I need to go from the HD500X into a Audio Interface and than into the MacBook ?
  11. Hey all, I am very new to this unit. I got it a few days ago and have spent a couple hours with it. I am loving the tones so far. However I have noticed that when I plug into my Macbook and take my headphones out of the HD500X and plug it into the Macbook I get a different sound. It doesnt sound as full as it does when my headphones are straight out of the HD500X unit. Any idea why that is ? I should mention the program Im using is Logic.
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