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  1. Not sure if it's the same fix but mine was doing the exact same thing after the last update. What I did was unplug the USB and it started up normal without rebuilding the presets. After that I plugged the USB back in and it has continued to start up normal since. Can't explain it but that worked for me.
  2. Pedal order is preference but a basic setup would probably be this for what you have. ¹)Guitar to volume pedal to Pog to Hx input. ²)Double Barrel to fx-loop one. ³) Oceans to fx-loop two. ⁴)fx-loop one before amp Sim and fx-loop two after amp Sim. It's all preference but this is a good starting point.
  3. GuidedWay

    Stomp mode

    I just did the 2.9 update on my LT and everything seems to be working fine. Prior to the update I used it in 8 stomp mode. Now its showing all the configuration options as before excep the 8 stomp. Did this change with the update?
  4. Yes. Uninstalled all drivers, reinstalled new updater/drivers same result. Response from support ticket was a copy/paste from original instructions and a link to another thread. I'm still at a loss so I'll wait to see what suggestions line6 has.
  5. Seems to be happening to quite a few people from what I'm seeing on the forums. I've never had any issues in the past but this update has mine pretty much locked up. Mine only made it to about 12% before I got an error to restart the helix to proceed. Tried that about 5 times, same result. Figured I would just restore it back to previous version but now it doesn't even recognize the unit. Tried factory reset by holding down buttons 7 & 8 on start up and its still stuck in boot failure. Opened up a ticket so I'll wait to hear back for direction. Oh well, still have my faithful amp and pedalboard so I ain't going to lose sleep over it.
  6. This is what got me curious, posted by phil_m in another post. "Seriously, though, there's a lot of stuff going behind the sceneswith this update that's setting the table for better things in thefuture. The GUI couldn't support a strobe tuner previouslybecause the refresh rate of the screen wasn't high enough. This update addressed the refresh rate, thus making something likethe strobe possible. There are other features in the future thatcould make use of that... Think of this update as more of amaintenance update than anything else. It's like getting the oilchanged in your car - not sexy, but necessary."
  7. Based on a previous post it seems as though the new update was focused on prepping the Helix for some stuff that wasnt possible before. Besides new amps or fx etc, what type of stuff do you think the Helix is now capable of having under the hood?
  8. Sebaileyus, My honest take on this unit is this so take it for what it's worth. First thing, I'm a big fan of the amp modeling stuff, have been for along time and have had my share of them. That said, the Helix is one of the best ones I've had to date not just because of the modeling quality but it just has great flexibility and routing options. It's pretty much my go to board for playing at the church, recording or practicing at home with the headphones on. I'm also fortunate to have a nice pedal board that's cost me 3x that of the Helix and a few decent tube amps. When I get the opportunity to just sit down and get lost in the guitar playing I turn to my pedalboard/amps as there is just something I feel playing them that I just don't get from the Helix (or other's) amp modeling. In my opinion, there is just a warmth or fullness about an amp that I just have not been able to replicate 100% through monitors or PA speakers, it's just that last 5 to 10% that's missing. As previously mentioned, I don't even bother with trying to mic the amps for recording as the Helix just has such good solid amp tones its not even worth the effort. In regards to the strymon question "no" the Helix is not going to have the ability the timeline/big sky etc have. I can get good ambient stuff from the Helix that gets the job done live but in the room or with headphones on it won't be as ambient as the big sky or have all the different delays the timeline has. However, it does have a good selection of delays/reverbs that will more than work for live or recording. One of the biggest advantages I've found in these units is the ability to store patches with different perameters such as (Eq, drive, effects, arrangement etc) and with the snapshot feature the Helix has just can't be accomplished with a pedalboard/loop switcher set up. You mentioned only having one rig set up as one would just sit but if you can afford both I recommend having both. Also, there is the 4 cable method where you could use the Helix to control your amp, looper, strymon stuff etc and then just grab the Helix portion when it's gig time, possibilities are endless. Hope this helps a little.
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