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  1. Thank you! I will check it out. The reamping is working like a dream, and the clarification above is very useful.
  2. I have my monitors out from the helix XLR also, and try and keep most of my audio around -12 generally. I didn't think about the helix big knob not really affecting the signal going into Logic, obviously when using the Power cab it does affect it! So the big knob is only controlling monitoring when I'm using the USB input?
  3. I suppose the issue is no designated volume for just monitoring on the LT. I've turned my monitors down and kept the level and it works fine. I've got a 4 channel mixer somewhere in a cupboard which I could put before the monitors if I need to change back to the M audio for anything else. Making me consider Helix Native tbh, If we're ever allowed out to gig again I won't want the faff of setting up and down all the time!
  4. Thanks for the reply, lots of guesses but all correct! I use the PC (not plus.) with AES cable, but have used XLR out to PA / powered speaker also. My interface needs an upgrade to be honest, it's a M-Audio fastback pro. When I plug helix into this via XLR my signal was fine but obviously I can control the preamps on the M audio unit easier. Studio monitors are Fostex PM1's. As I want to reamp the signal, I'm using USB which is when it's so loud. I'l turn the monitors down and keep my volume on helix where it was I think, it's not distorting just stupidly louder. When I upgrade my interface I may find it's the same as the helix, ie the m audio is the problem!
  5. I'm reamping my LT through Logic. For live use I try and keep the volume knob between 3/4 and full, as I've seen several posts here and there saying you need to have as much signal as you can through. This all works great with my Powercab. When I use the LT as an audio interface the volume is far too loud! I use an M audio interface usually and the volume is fine. I had to turn the volume down to near zero on helix or the tracks and helix are booming. So do I just need to turn my monitors down specifically when using helix or is there a way of controlling the amount of signal outputted internally. Or does it not really matter how loud the helix unit is as digital, ie turn the powercab up!
  6. andymguitar

    Performer tones

    Just played through them all. There are maybe 6 I would use with a bit of editing. There's nothing mind blowing that you wouldn't be able to set up yourself IMHO. Also lots seen designed to show off the new features with no thought. I'm not really interested in a patch with three delays and cave reverb..
  7. I had mine last week and have to say that when I turned the cab blocks off and used speaker mods it sounds great. You can also change the flat preset by holding the select button. If you use modelling try the LF flat and LF raw (my favourite with my existing Helix settings.) they might make a difference.
  8. Totally. That's kind of what I was saying...
  9. I've just ventured down the IR rabbit hole.. My initial thoughts are that they do sound good, but there are so many to choose from it's a bit overwhelming.. I have some of the free ones mentioned above and the ownhammer evolution debut bundle, but I haven't really used much more than the summary files. I think the stock cabs can be pretty good, running two in parallel with a different mic on each works well for me. I could literally spend 10 hours auditioning every IR I currently own in my two or three goto patches, life's too short for that!
  10. Ok! The PC+ arrived! Could be a late one tonight...
  11. Lots to process.. Haven't strayed out of the summaries yet, but all sounding as good or better than the cabs I was using. Any of you using PC+?
  12. I put one in at random last night on my go to sound and it was much better than the stock cab which I was more or less happy with! I'll import all the summary's and go from there. I think that's part of the problem (in a way with modelling as a whole.) You can spend hours changing sounds and go round in circles! So many files in the bundle..
  13. Ok! I've bought the Ownhammer bundle. there are loads of files, do I have to import each one individually?
  14. Thank everyone! Good advice. I think part of the problem was I dived in when I first bought the helix and had 8 free ones, I found the stock cabs more realistic! they were Allure and Cenzo, but I didn't do any cutting of eq, which I now do in most patches automatically! Maybe I'll invest in a set, (own hammer seem popular) and have a good play through!
  15. I known this has been covered before, but I can't see a post recently so... I'm mainly happy with stock cabs. Haven't been more impressed by the free IRs I've tried, but want to give it another go. Which IRs do you swear by? I'm playing a fairly broad mix of stuff, nothing really heavy. My go to 'real' amp is a Fender Hotrod deville 112 if that helps..
  16. Yes, that's a definite bonus. I have downloaded some IR's but preferred the stock cabs I was using! They were free though so maybe I need to buy a couple. As you say, losing the cab block from the helix would be good, especially as I have the Helix LT. I do a few theatre gigs (well I did before the pandemic!) where there's no room for an amp in the pit, but I would just replicate patches with the cabs on for that.
  17. Powercab plus is only £120 more than the normal in some shops anyway..!! Are the 6 extra speaker modellers worth that?
  18. So just IR's? I haven't really got into them yet, I'm using stock cabs. Hence my dilemma over PC or PC+!
  19. I'm curious what is the extra benefit of the plus?
  20. I'm wondering if you can load dual cab blocks into the Powercab plus? I have quite a few patches with dual cab blocks and also just the amp and two separate cab blocks split. Can I emulate these with the PC+? I have never really got into IR's, but is this the only real benefit of the plus?
  21. Great! I'll have a look tomorrow. ta!
  22. Obviously I mean Variax not Varian... Damn auto correct!
  23. This has probably been covered somewhere but I can't find it online or in the manual so... Is there a way of seeing which Variax model and pup is assigned to which preset on Helix? So if have a patch I've made I can see on workbench it is set to spank and the neck / middle pickup for example. But I can't see this on the Helix input block, which would be handy.
  24. Will see if I can, it's a bit of a journey to the Live 6 authorised unfortunately. Will see if I can find anyone nearer to me.
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