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  1. I'm still getting exp1 changing to exp2 for no reason. Seems to be fine for newly created presets, but older ones see it as exp2 and can confirm this by using the learn function. On a blank preset, adding for example a wah block, everything works automatically. EXP1 sweeps and FS5 turns the block on/off. All without having to assign anything manually. Awesome. When I add a wah block to a saved patch fs5 works as it should, however the sweep (which should be coming from EXP1) isn't working. When I manually change the sweep to EXP2 or use the learn feature EXP2 then works. Both FS4 and FS5 are programmed to just be themselves rather than swap exp or doing other duties. I'm on the latest firmware. Be good to know if anyone is still facing this weirdness. Apologies if this has already been addressed, but this is the most relevant topics after doing a search.
  2. Anyone still getting this behaviour on 2.82 ? My pedal plugged into Exp1(tip) is getting recognised as Exp2 until I change FS4 to allbypass and back...Then it works as advertised. I don't really want to go and have to do this for all patches and re-save them. I have updated to 2.82 and then reloaded factory patches by holding down buttons 1&2 while powering on the unit. As per instructions. Here is a video outlining the issue
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