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  1. Great it helps me, so what types of delays are you using ? i have a helix too and my amps simulations are pretty cool but impossible to find a way to have the same type of delays/reverberation of God Petrucci...
  2. Hi guys, i bought a Helix a few months ago, and now i'm trying to recording with it as an audio interface usb. I did exactly the same as this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1or7E9h7mEo&t=66s But impossible to record a sound when i play, i try many studio software like cubase, reaper, pro tools (the free version) but nothing works.. yesterday i tried with cubase, so i choose helix as egine recording, when i play, the sound is well in my headphone and the software receive sound too, but when i click to recording, nothing is written on the pist... and when i go to setting, it said to me that the exit of output usb2 is disconnected... Some of you could help me please ? Thank you !
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