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  1. Sorted, tried installing the Helix software on my desktop, instead of laptop, worked fine. Just need to find out why it's stopped working with my laptop now
  2. That's the problem, I can't Export Presets, Set Lists or Bundles
  3. Tried a new patch into an empty set list, same message , little warning triangle, file name for attempted save and "There are no more files" with an OK box. Click on OK nothing happens
  4. I've tried drag and drop, which works with individual presets, but not with Setlists. This is a new problem, I've had my Helix 18 months, and always been able to back up until today. Done a button 9 and 10 reset and reinstalled the Editor software, still no luck
  5. I've edited a few presets today, and when I try to make a backup onto my PC, I get a box that gives me the name of the preset/setlist and a comment "There are no more files". I can import no problem. I've reinstalled editor, and done a button 9 and 10 reset of the Helix to no avail. Anybody got any ideas Using Helix floor, with latest firmware and editor Thanks
  6. I used one of these pedals, and it is really simple. Nothing into pedal input, patch lead out of pedal output into exp pedal 3 input on rear of helix. Insert volume block to taste in all patches, and assign volume block controller to exp 3. This gives you an external volume pedal, and exp 1 and 2 to set up as you wish for other cool stuff.
  7. I play a Variax Standard, which is basically a Yamaha Pacific with Variax innards. It'll never replace my US Stratford, but it's so versatile to be able to use one guitar for both electric and acoustic sounds. Setting the Variax pickups and magnetics on separate paths giving latency free switching from acoustic 12 string to a Les Paul through a Marshall is great
  8. keithbax

    Using Helix Live

    I've just taken delivery of an AltoTS212A the new ones are 1100w, and sounds good in solo practise. Not tried it with the band yet, but it seems to have plenty of power to spare, so here's hoping
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