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  1. I've just upgraded from 2.80 without a hitch. Many thanks L6.
  2. Hi Somebodyelse, I was using my heavily modded PRS SE Custom 24 which to be fair sounds great in any set up.
  3. .... but even better and more suited for a different genre than originally intended. So the other day I sat down by the Helix with the intension of creating a patch suited for classic/hard rock lead playing. I decided that, just for a bit of fun, I'd challenge myself and use an amp that I had never used or perhaps only glanced on while surfing the factory presets. I settled on the German Mahadeva (Bognor Shiva) which is an amp I honestly knew nothing about or what its best suited for. Anyway, after a bit of tinkering and placing the Compulsive Drive in front with a little delay and plate reverb at the back, I ended up with a lead blues patch which I named "Gary & Albert". The patch reminded me so much of "Oh Pretty Woman" on Garry Moore's "Still Got the Blues" album. With he compulsive drive off, it was very close to Albert Kings parts and when engaged it absolutely ripped like Gary's parts and both tones not that far off the record. Needless to say, I now need to take a break from playing for a couple of days until my fingers recover from the hours of fun I had, jamming to my JamTrackCentral collection of blues backing tracks. So, any of you guys have similar stories to share around the Helix camp fire of chat?
  4. I'm using the Beyer Dynamic DT770 Pro 80ohm and they sound great. I tried several different makes and models before finally choosing the DT770's and my decision mostly came down to the comfort factor. All headphones I tried in that price bracket all sounded great to be fair, but with the DT770's I can wear them for very long periods of time with no discomfort whatsoever. I'm not entirely sure what the difference in ohms does, but mine are certainly loud enough. I usually have the master output set around 10 o'clock and that's ample.
  5. I've had issues like this before. I got round it by using a USB 2 port on my laptop and running the updater as an administrator.(I'm a Windows 10 user). My helix has always worked flawlessly in a USB 3 port when used as an audio interface, however any updates and when using Helix Edit, I need to revert to USB 2 otherwise I get connection dropouts.
  6. I've had similar issues in the past where it drops connection intermittently with Helix Edit. I've found that using a USB 2 port works best for me and running Helix Edit as an administrator. Strangely, the Helix works like a charm as an audio interface in a USB 3 port on my laptop, so it just seems to be Helix Edit I had issues with. Although this is what worked for me, it may not work for others as there are so many hardware/software configuration differences between laptop/PC's.
  7. I just got my Helix LT last week and it came with 2.1 firmware. I also had problems updating the to the latest and thought I had bricked it. Turns out when I plugging the Helix into a USB 2.0 port it worked fine and just didn't like the USB 3.0 ports. I've seen reports of other users resolving by simply using a different USB cable. Hope that helps.
  8. Hi DundinDragon. Presonus Studio One is the DAW, not an audio interface. I'm using the Helix as the audio Interface by USB and headphones plugged into the Helix. I think I know what I'm doing now to achieve this from Kylotans response, however this looks like it needs to be done at preset level on the output block rather than a global setting.
  9. Thanks Kylotan, I'll give this a go. I think I was looking in the wrong place in the Ins/Outs of the command center part. I'm not one to read manuals which drives the wife mad whenever we buy stuff from Ikea :)
  10. I’ve just picked up a Helix LT and only just scratched the surface of this amazing box of tricks. I’ve taken to most of the basic functionality like a duck to water thanks to its super easy interface, however I am struggling with using it the way I’m used to other devices when using it as an audio interface. I use Presonus Studio One and I can hear the play back ok and record guitar tracks ok. However, I can’t seem to listen to the sounds from the computer only through my headphones. I want to be able to hear that only and not the guitar signal through the Helix. When monitoring a guitar track I get a modulated sound due to hearing both the helix and the computer together. The only way I seem to get round it is my muting or switching off the monitoring on the track, but I want to do it the other way around if you know what I mean. Any suggestions?
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