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  1. Alright people, y'all cleared my mind and gave me a LOT of options from wich i can decide, i'm really thankful to all of you!
  2. Thanks to everyone for the replies! Let's say i'd use a gate, drive, delay, and MAYBE some modulation, and probably not always at the same time... that would be too much? I was thinking about going direct for sound quality and simplicity purposes, but then i realized that i'd need to monitor myself (don't have an in-ear system yet) on stage, and not all venues have monitor speakers except for the singer. And the problem is that putting a simulation of a mic'ed cab thru a real poweramp and cab will sound like sh*t, and that concerns me specially because in small venues what is sounding on stage is heard aswell as what is going on in foh. I tought about just going into a cab and mic it, but it would be nice to have one less mic with stuff bleeding into it and one less thing to knock off while moving on stage :P
  3. Hello good people! I was considering getting the hd500x because it fits perfectly on my budget, but i couldn't find anywhere an answer to this question: Can you connect your pod to foh (with cab emulation) and to a poweramp and cab (without cab emulation) simultaneously? if not, that would be a deal breaker :/ I've downloaded the edit software and discovered that using a dual amp setup i could turn off the simulation on one, so theoretically if i pan them hard to the sides i could do what i want? Thanks in advance!
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