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  1. To Soundog/Cruisinon2 : Ok, i better understand what's going on, i go right now spending hours throught Helix manual ! I think i can turn this post to solve thanks to you ! :D Thank you very much for your help ! See you later !
  2. Ok everybody, I just test again and i just experienced that issue... But when i reselect the output to Helix in the GarageBand software, the latency just disappear, and all worked good... ...Until the next latency ! So, the latency is from the Mac, and not from the Helix itself... ...but is this a bug from any driver ? Is there a workaround ? Or a fix for Mac ? (edit : ...Or is there any other software that could solve that issue ?) Thank you for your reply
  3. Hello everybody, To Spikey : I checked what that link shows but there's no message, all seems right... To Jbuhajla/Soundog : When i experienced that problem, the Helix was wired to the Mac with the USB wire, and the latency was heard from the Mac output (with GarageBand software), and at the same time, i heard that the sound played with no latency through headphones directly from the Helix... (I don't know if i write well !)
  4. I do exactly the same but the problem came back a few minutes later...
  5. Hello Line6, I am French, so i'm trying to explain my problem in English... I just bought the Helix, test it, and i can say that it's really good ! :D But when i wire it to my Mac with USB, and Line6 app installed, every thing works fine, but about 1 minute later, the sound that output from the Mac has about 5 to 10 seconds of latency... I check from my Mac system parameter, and the audio level output is showing that latency, so i think it's a Helix problem... I wire my head head phones to the "Phone" output of the Helix (with USB wire still in the Mac), and i can hear that there is no more lantency in the headphones... I installed the last updates from the Line6 Updater app (Last update that i can find on 25 february 2018), but i experienced same problem. I check in the Line6 forum for any post that can explain that, but i didn't found any answer. So, I post this because I don't know if i missed changing some configurations and/or parameters to avoid this latency/get a workaround... Here are some informations : Mac : MacOSX High Sierra 10.13.2 (17C88) I you want some other informations, just let me know ! Hope you can help, Thank you for your support, and see you later !
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