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  1. martinconte

    Clean guitar heard over amp channel two

    Sorry, should have specified I'm using the hx effects pedal, not the full helix, so there's only one path
  2. martinconte

    Clean guitar heard over amp channel two

    When I switch to channel two on my amp I can still hear my clean guitar over it. I'm using the 4 cable method.
  3. My blackstar stock channel switching pedal is not working while using hx effects. I cannot switch to channel two. It's as if channel two is bypassed. The pedal turns red as does the channel two light but channel two seems to be disabled. If I plug my guitar directly into my amp and disconnect the hx effects entirely channel two works again, but once I reconnect the hx effects the stock pedal can only be used to turn on and off reverb and channel switching is disabled. I'm currently using the 4 cable method.