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  1. From what I read, it's a good thing. They're going to stick to what they're good at and get out of the bubblegum business.
  2. That's quite the resume there psarkissian! But I'm old enogh to see you're showing your age. You gotta have some great stories from that experience! I'll get the Pod to the local technician. Thanks again
  3. Thank you for the response psarkissian! I can appreciate this advice. Trying to find an easy, cheap solution is one of my character flaws I guess. I envision Spicoli from Fast Times, "My old man's a television repairman. He's got this ULTIMATE set of tools. I can fix it" I bought this X3 Pro on EBay and it worked fine for the first week exploring the presets. Then the USB cable I purchased on that prime site came in the mail. Logged on and used the Pod Farm one time. Was really jazzed and stayed up past my bedtime tweaking around in it. Next time I turned it on, it started rebooting. That's when I became an unpaid Line 6 research analyst. Still can't play guitar real well and my tone is for s&#@, but I'm real smooth with a screwdriver so there goes my bench space! Bottom line is I like this unit and if I can't tweak it into a usable item without letting all of the magic smoke out of it, I'll find a service center somewhere around Tampa and have it operated on with no insurance. I do have an older Line 6 Floor Pod that has some fantastic options too, but I wanted a PC interface to record some damage and the floor unit doesn't have that. PS: Have you ever seen a gold-faced X3Pro?
  4. I had mine X3 Pro open and there was quite a bit of dust in there. I thought about spraying with some CRC or Deoxit after I cleaned it with low compressed air but I didn't. I may after reading your post.
  5. This must be a sensitive area for Line 6. No solutions.
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