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  1. Cool. There could always be the option of LONG PRESS of "Mode + Tap" to still do Bypass. e.g. hold for 3 secs.
  2. I'd love a global setting to choose between "Mode + Tap = Bypass" and "Mode + Tap = Exit Snapshot View". The latter would then change the left two footswitches in to 2 more SnapShots, giving access to 6 SnapShots. Anyone else rather have this, then quick access to a global Bypass?
  3. We need Line6 to update the firmware so that Tap Tempo becomes truly Global. At the moment it's "per scene". This sucks if you are using the m13 in latched scene mode.
  4. I just want 1 update to the M13 firmware, it's been asked by numerous people but never addressed: GLOBAL TAP TEMPO. i.e. Any "Scene"/effect that has it's time setting set to a tap tempo setting, should sync with the tap tempo. It's really not user friendly the way it works currently, which requires the tempo to be tapped AGAIN everytime a scene change is done. Ideally, we can tap the tempo on ANY SCENE, and when switching to ANY OTHER SCENE (in same Scene folder will do), it will already have that same tempo set. Surely, this not to much too ask? I'd be willing to pay for an update that enables this.
  5. Just adding myself to the list of totally disappointed and dissatisfied G70 users. Dropouts galore. Totally not a useable product, not in rehearsal let alone gigs. Have updated both transmitter and receiver to 1.03. No difference. Have tried other 1/4" cables. Have tried different batteries. Have transmitter on strap behind me. Am standing right next to the receiver. Receiver is on a pedal board that is angled up off the ground about 2 inches. So everything they say to try I have to no avail. The only thing I haven't tried is another transmitter. I did read in this thread of someone having a second transmitter (not the one that comes bundled) and having it work perfectly. Which makes me wonder, did Line6 fix a hardware issue later that they are not owing up to? Where do I go from here? I'm in Australia, do I take it back to the shop or direct to Line 6? I bought the unit 6 months ago and am over waiting for a fix. I did have one idea, which I haven't tested. I'm powering the receiver via the power input off my pedal power on the board. I have not tried the USB adapter. Will test this soon. Is anyone here experiencing drop outs using the USB power adapter? Cheers, Pete
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