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  1. I had this same issue, I fixed it inside on the motherboard the speaker wires loop thru a couple of large magnets like sort of coil I move them away from the Motherboard and the noise stopped when they got to close to the mother board, I heard that overtone humming sound again so I took some of the Greatstuff foam spray and insulated those two coil magnets away from the mother board and it works fine now.. never had any further problems, CAUTION this did work for me however the foam spray MUST be complete cured I would wait at least 24 hours. When I first did it I powered up the amp a little pre maturely and it didn't look good the LED was all scrambled and unledgeable so I though I had really messed my amp up. turn it on the next day all was back to normal with NO noise... sounds perfect now.... I hope this helps some of you... cheers
  2. If you insert a 6db gain block into a patch will that effect the output of the XLR jacks goin to FOH? I'm hoping it does although I can't tell a difference in the DAW in the Studio.
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