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  1. I made a software adapter. If run, it translates the keyboards "NOTE_ON" values to the CC parameters that the 3-Note-Generator understands. It took some time for such a tiny tool, but hey. I do not really understand why the 3-N-G works with "Note" and "Octave" instead of a note-parameter that goes from 0-127. https://github.com/te-regenhardt/midi-2-helix-adapter Next step might be a javascript version to have it as an online-tool, because somehow I cannot put this script into an .exe file. I hope it's fun for some folks to play with it :)
  2. I recently got an additional Stomp for rehearsal and jamming. I surely have some patches with a load of blocks. But with the presets for songs with fixed structure... I can go with 6 blocks so far. But I often found myself tweaking a lot because I just couldn't add a darn 7th block. Replacing a volume pedal block with an external volume pedal (the small Mooer Leveline fits the general size of the Stomp) and using the gate included with the input block was a big help. For bass the Obsidian 7000 merged a lot of toneshaping into one block. But with 8 blocks - some more Path A/B action might be possible.
  3. I found out what the initial problem was. Or at least one of them. It is not possible to assign a MIDI Command to a footswitch if it is assigned a Snapshot (thanks to the "Unofficial MIDI Guide for Helix"). However, I now face a weird problem: Once I set a MIDI command to a footswitch, the value resets for every snapshot. That is to be expected, I know. So I assign the MIDI value to the desired ones for all footswitches, for all snapshots. I press the SAVE button after every setting, to be sure. However, when I reboot the Helix, the MIDI commands stay, the values are reset to C1 all the time ;/
  4. I am aware of that. However, the problem is, that I needed to press the snapshot shortcut twice to change the light (once to turn lights OFF, once to send the new PC message). Anyways, now I am not able to reproduce the situation. I saved the settings before shutting down on both devices (the light board and the Helix) and did not touch them until now. However, nothing seems to come out of the MIDI out now. I switched the USB-MIDI on to test everything with MIDIOX. The messages are still sent over USB (if MIDI over USB is switched on). So maybe my MIDI cable is broken. I will report back in ASAP and as soon as I have found out why the messages do not reach the light board anymore. EDIT: The MIDI cable is working with my keyboard, so everything fine there. New strange thing: The auto-PC messages are sent and registered via USB if enabled. However, setting a MIDI Note On, CC or anything else is NOT registered over MIDIOX if set on a footswitch. Is this normal? The issue might be positioned there.
  5. Hey everyone, I set up my Helix LT to control my light show. I have 8 scenarios available on my light controlling device - a perfect match to control it with the Helix's 8 snapshot. Everything works like a charme, I send a Bank/Prog-Message via "Instant" in the CommandCenter. The value of each of those Messages correlates to the light scenario. However, if I switch from one preset to another, I have to press the button twice. And subsequent pressing of the same snapshot-button leads to an on/off behaviour of the light. So, obviously there is an "switching the message on and off" thing going on: Initial State: Light preset 1 Press FS2: Switch to Snapshot, changes light also Press FS2 again: Light off Press FS2 again: Light on etc. or: Light off Press FS2: Switch to snapshot, changes light to light preset 1 Press FS3: Switch to snapshot, light off Press FS3; light scenario changes The on/off behaviour can be useful, alright. But of course I want to switch light immediately upon kicking the button. Double-Tapping is somewhat imprecise and leads to a fraction-of-a-second of darkness. Not really desired. :p "Duplicate PC send" is off, as otherwise the light does nothing at all. "MIDI tempo" send/receive are both off All MIDI settings that have the option to choose between USB and MIDI are set to MIDI-exclusive. "PC send" and "PC receive" are off, as otherwise the light does only change when I change the helix preset (and not snapshots). Anyone having any ideas on how to fix this? :)
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    Helix case/bag

    I got the Thomann bag together with my Helix. Size-wise it fits very well. But it has barely any padding and considering the Helix (LT)'s weight the thin and sharp straps really cut into your shoulder. The zippers on the outside pouch are not reliable on mine. I really started to like the idea of buying the Novation 25 bag. (Which is, unfortunately named different in various shops, meh.) I noticed two things, though: 1) The darn thing is sould out in any online music store in Germany - and Amazon.de, too. I just gave up and ordered it over Thomann. When it is in stock it will be send out. However, the availability is oscillating between 'available in a week or so' and 'shippable in 2-5 days'. There must be quite a demand on this thing :o 2) It is really funny to see that so many people write customer reviews for that Novation bag that are Helix users. It almost seems noone is buying that thing for keyboards :D
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