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  1. I've managed to fix it now, turns out I was doing everything right but cakewalk decided to unselect the ASIO drivers after I selected them, and went back to standard windows drivers lol. Thanks a lot for the help though, it was very kind of you.
  2. Yes, I should've mentioned I can manage to get signal and record when something is coming through my patch, its just the DI that I can't work out for some reason
  3. Hi rd2rk, I havent managed to get it working. I've done a fresh reinstall of cakewalk, as well as resetting my helix's global settings and tried again but that isnt working, I'm more than happy to follow any steps you give me, thanks a lot
  4. Hi guys, I wanna start by saying I've followed the official line 6 guide to get this to work, but I can't manage it (Guitar is set to Re-amp Src USB 7). In cakewalk I've tried selecting "Left Digital Audio Interface (Line 6 Helix LT) 7/8" as well as putting the guitar onto 8 and trying "Right Digital ... 7/8" and also using "Stereo ... 7/8" none of them are working! I've done a global settings reset on my LT and still have the same problem, it makes me think I'm doing something wrong with cakewalk, has anyone else had this problem, or knows how to fix it? Any tips/advice is much appreciated, I'll try it all to make it work. Cheers, Jack
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