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  1. Singletone

    Helix lockup

    I had a lockup today and my thought is to clean up by reloading firmware, presets setlists and IRs, that way if a bit or two has fubarred it will get cleaned up. When you update/reload the firmware there is a checksum/verify of the bianaries to make sure that they are loaded correctly. A while ago during 2.53 update I lost a setlist and did not have the presets backed up and ended up loosing some presets, one was a favorite. The setlist export corrupted during the file compression part, I think. I now make sure that I back up all three ways individual preset, setlist and full export. I may have caused my lockup problem in mine by switching crap barefoot and changing a delay from ms to 1/2 trip on the fly while running the looper.
  2. Singletone

    Grounded sockets

    It may be RF (radio waves), I have found that if I leave my cell phone in my front pants pocket it causes odd popping noise in one of my instruments.
  3. Yes they are both the newest version. After you sent your advice Phil_M I tried redownloading and reinstalling EDIT and I still got the fails trying import and backup restore. All except 2 setlists will import. Both of the setlists are in 3 different backups and all 3 will not load. I think the corruption may have happened on all 3 exports/saves. I do think it is odd that in both file compression types, hsb and hlx, the same thing happend on all 3 occations to the 2 setlists. One of the things that stinks the most is one of the setlists was 'My Favorites' which is a loss of a ton of time.
  4. I have recieved the following error codes; 1. When I 'Restore From Backup' [File>Restore From Backup] I get "Error occurred during the restore: Unknown, (code -8103) Do you want to retry?" This happens during Presets after it gets through Global Settings>Impulse Resonses>Presets>FACTORY 1>FACTORY 2...then error. 2. Or when I try 'SETLISTS - IMPORT' I select my user setlist and I get "Failed to import setlist (Unkown. |code-8300|)" immediately. I have 2 full backup files and a setlist backup and all have the same results, 8103 for the full backups and 8300 for setlist backup. Too bad I did not save the individual presets, I may have been able to at least recover a most of them. To me it looks like it is failing to decompress the files. Has anyone ever had this, is there a fix or am I just SOL? Update: After all the effort and a Support Ticket, the response was bad news for 'My Favorites' setlist (corrupted). I did make copies and hacked around tring to recover the raw files in notepad. Only once it loaded without error codes but no preset replacements... My advice is to make sure if you have some favorite presets do not depend on a Setlist Export or Create Backup to save them. They (.hxb & .hls) are compressed files. Do it uncompressed in a preset file (.hlx). At least in the hlx file you can see what stuff was when you open them with wordpad or notpad and pick out primary data if something goes wrong. In the long run I think I have built a better main rig and have had a bit of fun doing it. Thanks Phil and Will Singletone out to make some tones
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