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  1. Thanks for those kinde words !! Yeah i really miss the joy of the helix but after the work i put into it i coulden't get it to work. I hope that this was just my equipment that was the issue so that no one else have to face this. Many Thanks Roberth (Sweden)
  2. I have switched all that that but i have sold my unit and goten another machin ..,. Many Thanks Roberth (Sweden)
  3. I will test that with a power cable .. i could just run it trough another way too .. but i will give it a try tomorrow .. A question thou .. What is EMI/RFI filters ?? Maby they wont even install that if i change it to grounded in the apartment ?? Just curioes ..
  4. I have even tried to use a external hub with the same problem .. but thou it was not powered by a power supply.
  5. I have unplugged all of the usb and even keyboard/mouse and as soon as i put in the first cable that is the helix .. supprise Noise .. and even if i change the port the noise gets there .. also .. so i dosen't matter what port if i have 1 usb (The Helix) in there it still produces exactly the same noise level .. So why just the Helix ?? you saw the list of units i have and NONE of them have sound problems both analog and digital ones .. i have already pulled my hair of and then some and still come up with nothing .. and all i want to do is to just control the unit easy from my big computer .. And i have tried to use diffrent ports and all that .. Aux, Variax, Guitar and even inserts .. Is it just me or do i have to start to cough up €900 for grounding of the apartment for one unit that is "sensitiv" ..
  6. ohh .. forgot my EQ a Behringer Ultragraph Pro
  7. The real system is this Computer (I9-9900k) Monitor (42") MOTU 16A Soundcard Behringer Eurodesk SX4882 (Mixer) (Analog) M-Audio BX5 (Speakers) M-Audio M3-6 (Speakers) Behringer Compressor Multicompro (4 channel Analog) Behringer Compressor Pro XL (2 Channel Analog) JTS US-903DC (Wieless Guitar/Bas/other instruments also, Analog) Lexicon MX 400 XL (Digital echo) AKG Duo2 (Wierless Guitar/Bas, Analog) Dell R410 Server (Enterprise Server 24 cores) Helix Rack With 2.81 and the pedal bord to it with 2 expression pedals in it. And the last one is the IN5 Analog amp. None of the other system analog or not get the ground issue only the Helix gives me this error and thats all on the same socket that i have most are in a 19" rack. But the computers isent and not the mixer its to big :D .. So if there where a ground loop should that be noticed along the other equipment ?? I can listen on my IN5 amp with headphones a that is as clean as it should be. I can even connect it to my wierless without any problem its clean and fresh. So i am very mistified with what could be wrong. I have usb to 3 units and one thunderbolt. Those are for sound interfaces.
  8. Can i use that without a ground socket or does it act as a ground unit instead of the socket in the wall ?? I'm also abit confused ..
  9. Only if i use the laptop i can do it .. but i dont have space to put it no where around the desk i am using .. i only tested to see if it worked or not. I have read about some units that can reamp stuff if i could use that to remove the ground loop from the guitar or maby some thing else ??
  10. Can i correct that without spending €900 ?? If so it would be really good !!
  11. I need to get a table to put the computer on :D .. i have no room for it now .. i need to put it on a small one maby IKEA here in Sweden has one i can use. Thanks for the tip on the laptop !!
  12. Funny .. I installed the newest hxedit and connected the laptop with the power supply connected to the same line of connections on the power line .. it worked like a charm no noise .. nothing just only the sound of the guitar .. how strange ?? It was the same cable and everything .. So with or without the power supply dident give any disturbens at all .. Thats very intressting.
  13. Hi rd2rk ! Its a desktop with Windows 10 i am using. I have tried with removing all other usb and the same issue is still there. And even setting in diffrent ports dident help. I have a 1300W power supply to run all i have in the computer. I have a MOTU 16A sound card that i recently added a Thunderbolt card and is using it through that now i have even tried to use a USB-C hub and used the Thunderbolt with one of the ports as a USB unit with the same issue. The sound card is working like a charm and thats both usb 2.0 and Thunderbolt 2. I have an Echo unit that i can controll and listen to on usb and thats no issues there either .. It's only on the Helix i hear the sound .. The reasone for not having grounded sockets is because its a rent apartment i live in and they can do it but it's so expensive that its laughable .. Because they need to do it i can't get a firm for my self to do it so it a catch 22 there. I would love to have it grounded in the whole apartment but right now i need to cough up to much to get that .. And if i move i will lose that for the next apartment. I have a Lenovo laptop that i could test it with just to see how it works or not .. but its abit heavy to work on that because its a small screen .. but could be my saver .. Because i have a 24/48 mixer to use as recording and that is one more that i dont hear any noise from except the helix via XLR and thats connected on the same line as the other units power. So if Line6 could give me some assist on how to disable the sound from the USB i might get it to work .. It's like it tries to use the output from the computer into the Helix .. I have hade this issue also with 2 motherboards .. first i hade a AMD and now a INTEL .. None of them could be used for this. I will test the laptop and see what will happen with that .. Oh and one more thing if i remove all inputs like the guitar all gets dead quiet .. So if i have no input into it works but if i insert my guitar it starts again .. Even if i use the Variax Standard it's the same .. But i will test the laptop as soon as possible .. if you come up with more questions or tricks to test with let me know !!
  14. Hi ! I have always loved my Helix until i got this issue. I whanted to use it for editing and inserted a USB cable into it and it started to hiss and i get preaty high eltric noise from it until i removed the USB cable. I have tried sevral (around 5 diffrent cables) with the same result i have even removed all my other usb from my PC but still the noise is there. Can it be that its sending the noise from my computer and thinks its a sound that should go out to my XLR/Amp or can i stop it from geting any from the cable. I have other units with audio and they dont give this problem even with the same cables in it. All i want to do is to setup patches with the cable. No recording or play sound from it. My sockets in the wall are not grounded but then why would ONLY Helix have this issue then and not my other units ?? And via the USB cable only ?? I got a recomendation to use a powerd usb 3.0 hub for it. But my finances are not enough right now to buy that. I would appricate help on this if there is some way to just controll the settings on Helix or if its broken. I thought it was gone because i dident have the cord connected to my PC for a while and that showed me why it was that what gave me the answer to my problem before. Many Thanks Roberth (Sweden)
  15. Both Single Coil and Humbucker ( 2 diffrent guitars ). A Clean reset dident help. Amp is an Ironheart Laney 120 W with a 4 x 12" going on low settings because i live in a apartment and i don't whant to disturb peoplle living around me to much. I have now totaly removed all Cables and cleaned up my studio so i have renovated it alot and started to fix stuff. I hope that this will help me with the sound issue as well if its a digital problem or not. Thats up to the test when i can fire up the new setup we aren't fully there yeat. // Roberth
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