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  1. Hi all I was on a gig last night, and I have an acoustic preset set up, with a couple of effects, and a looper. I was going in to the 6-switch looper and starting my loop, coming out of the looper back to stompbox mode, putting on an octaver to add a bassline, and when I went back in to the looper, it was still playing, but there was no indication that anything was actually playing. The overdub text that comes up was missing, and the incorrect play/pause icon was highlighted. I then tried to record an additional loop and it stopped playing altogether. Has anyone experienced anything similar at all? I turned it off between sets and it seemed to work after that. But obviously I don't really want this to happen again. Any ideas on what it could have been, or things I might be able to do to avoid this kind of isssue happening again? Thanks in advance for your help guys Chris
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