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  1. Thanks!! Let us know when you get the chance. I’ll do the same.
  2. Hey Markonian, did this work out for you?? I'm trying to MIDI link my iPad, HX Effects and Voicelive 2 and as of yet, have been unsuccessful. TIA
  3. I have recently acquired an HX Effects unit and it's, in a word, FANTASTIC. I have a question concerning the input section, that's probably similar across the Helix line. For my band's smaller bar gigs, I run sound from the stage and during sound check, I use a Relay G30 wireless system for my bass so that I can go out front to hear what's going on. However, when performing, I use a wired connection. So I'm wondering if I could connect the wireless to the RIGHT input and my cable to the LEFT/MONO input and call it good?? Would this work?? Are the gains the same and/or adjustable across the two inputs?? Would I have to activate them individually through a menu or are they always on?? Would having the wireless connected and turned off degrade the cable signal during performance?? Thanks for any insight!!
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