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  1. For me it seemed to go south when I resized the Helix plugin window. That was fixed by removing the Line 6 folder from the Library/Application Support folder inside of your home folder and letting Helix Plugin rebuild its metadata. I don't dare resize the plugin after it worked again. Ken
  2. Just a quick update - see the note referenced below if you are having crashes of the Helix Native plugin when being displayed on a (M1?) Mac - you might have a corrupted Line 6 folder as I did in the "Application Support" folder. I just moved my folder out of the way and restarted my DAW and it worked again like magic. I reported the error and uploaded a zip of my Line 6 folder to hopefully let them reproduce the problem and do a fix if that is warranted, but right now the plugin is working great on my M1 mac.
  3. Oh, and I'll be sending my bad Line 6 folder to Line 6 so they can hopefully reproduce my issue. Best, Ken
  4. OK! I fixed MY problem. IF you have the situation that I did: 1. You installed Helix Native 2. It worked for a while 3. Suddenly you can't bring it back, no matter what and 4. You don't care about your old patches, because you backed them up To fix: you can (do not blame me for anything that happens, you have been warned, and BE SUPER CAREFUL!!!): 1. Open up a Terminal 2. Use the command below to switch to the directory that houses the preferences for the plugins: cd ~/Library/Application\ Support 3. Rename the Line 6 directory to something else like Line 6 Backup - YOU WILL LOSE YOUR SETTINGS - I don't care as they're backed up from the Helix LT: mv Line\ 6 Old\ Line\ 6. (the backslashes are important, they escape the space in the directory name... 4. Restart your DAW, et viola! Note- if you're not a Terminal user, you can run Finder, then hit CMD-SHIFT-G, then enter ~/Library/Application Support in the box that shows up, then rename Line 6 to Line 6 Old It brought it right back - said that it was the first time the plugin had started - but it didn't lose my license activation. Thanks for the posters who said they have been able to get the plugin working on an M1 mac. This shows me it's an issue with a configuration corruption or setting problem, not necessarily with a binary compilation problem with plugin not properly running at all.
  5. Interesting. I wonder if it's some sort of display bug when it tries to restore the UI view. It comes up as a small square box, then when it resizes it immediately crashes. Maybe my settings somehow created a condition where this crash happens. It seemed to start when the rectangle of the view went off the side of the screen, and then I can't ever get it to load again. I wonder how I can reset the settings of the plugin so that the default sizes are restored. I tried removing the Audio Unit and the VST3 plugins but couldn't find a property file / settings / preference file to delete. Ken
  6. I don’t think the next OS will be a problem like Big Sur. First of all, the issue now is recompiling/running on ARM, and whatever they did in 10.6.2 must have made Rosetta-based execution of something on ARM chips crash the plugin. It’s not like other plugins behave this badly - running Helix Native IMMEDIATELY brings down any DAW I use. Maybe they use an undocumented API or the OS is more protective of resources than it was before. If other plugin vendors can get their stuff working, so can Line 6. I would really just prefer the team announces a timeline. This is going to be the hardware platform for Macs in the future. Even if it is “not this year” I would like to know. I had planned on using Helix Native to record and Helix LT for performing and it would be nice to share presets like I did before. It is not a disaster for me (music is a hobby, not my career) but it is money spent on something I can’t use right now because of a laptop and OS choice. Thanks to the team who I am sure is very busy and constrained. I applied to the beta program and would be happy to help.
  7. Good post. Of course, Apple can break things and create incompatible platforms that move technology forward, but make all other companies that write software on that ecosystem scramble like hell. When Microsoft tried not many users really moved to the Surface X. But Apple can change the entire game in one fell swoop. I hope Line 6 really puts R&D into supporting M1 Macs going forward (and soon) because they WILL become the dominant platform in 2-3 years. Ken
  8. It's been a few weeks and the OS X 11.4 update made Helix Native unusable once it got applied. Just in case someone is looking at this thinking "yay, it's fixed." I'm sure it is a mighty slog to update something as complex as digital signal processing from an intel chipset to the M1. Here's hoping that there is a beta soon.
  9. Good idea, Soundog. I'd be happy to file one. Ken
  10. I figured it out (I think). If you add Helix to the FX of a synth (i.e. not an audio track) it crashes. Helix can't deal with a synthesizer input apparently on the M1. I don't know if it's like that on other chips.
  11. Well, I gushed with enthusiasm too soon... Everything was working somewhat well for about a week, and now I can't open the plugin at all. Nothing works. it crashes Logic Pro X every time I open a project that has the plugin - either if I had the plugin open (it crashes the project immediately) or it opens and when I open the plugin, it crashes once the pane starts being expanded. Line6 really has to fix their M1 Mac support as most macs going forward will be using that chip. Ken
  12. I do still get the incompatibility warning, but I continue to ignore it. The UI was my biggest issue - terribly laggy, and that has been fixed. Now I don't use 15 tracks with Helix Native at the same time so maybe something that really pushes it causes it to slow down, who knows... I'm hoping it's just the verification of the plugin that is broken on M1. And if it's running behind the scenes as a Rosetta app, it's pretty impressive. Thanks for the info, Ken
  13. Ok, also, I'm using this just like I'd use my Helix LT, only it's faster because the UI is quick and the effects are responding instantly. W.O.W.
  14. Oh, and ignore the rescan "couldn't be opened" message. I was stuck on that for a bit. Just tick "Use".
  15. Ok, I just installed 3.1.1 of Helix Native, and was able to move back to native M1 application mode for Logic Pro. I did have to futz a little bit with the plugin manager to disable, then re-enable it, and it wasn't obvious on the Logic Pro plugin manager to me to tick the 'Use' checkbox to turn it back on, but it is nice and fast and responsive as a plugin UI, and works great so far in my limited testing. Nice job, Line 6. Will post if I run into issues but man, the M1 Mac is a monster and unhandicapping Logic Pro will really speed it back up too. Ken
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