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  1. Update: I've since successfully connected both line6 devices to an older win64 PC that hasn't been updated in quite a while. When time permits I'll compare the Microsoft service pack history between the two computers. Not a desired current situation,but at least I can access the devices for monkey,gearbox etc. Will update this post if I eventually have success connecting with the newer computer. TC
  2. Hi all, Today I find that I can no longer connect X3 live and kb37 with my Windows 10 PC. The latest Monkey software won't connect to either device. All my other USB musical devices are working perfectly fine with any cable. Windows 10(64 bit) does see my line6 gear but reports driver error..I have installed the latest drivers for both. The x3 was working perfectly fine with the PC a few weeks back..same with the kb37 a few months ago. Wondering if anyone else having this sort of issue. Thanks, TC
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