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  1. That's exactly what I have experienced with my new HX Stomp that I got last Thursday after upgrading to 2.9. I boot it and let it sit for a few minutes and it's all good. I did experience the volume freezing once as well. But It hasn't done it at all now. I just let it boot and wait a few minutes before editing or what not and all seems to work that way. PS, love the Revv Purple.
  2. Update.. Line 6 Customer Support is great. Unfortunately luck of the draw, it happens. It's determined I got a dud. No worries.. Sweetwater is overnighting me a replacement. Excellent customer service from both companies. Should be rocking all weekend. Thank you Line 6 and Sweetwater.
  3. Thanks Peter, I have only had it week. Nothing programmed really as of yet. But I have re-installed the latest firmware twice now and still freezes. Now prior to installing, when I received it, it was freezing straight from the box. So I am kinda thinking it may be just a bad one from the factory. I opened a support ticket a couple days ago, waiting to hear back what they suggest. Now, saying this. For the little time I had dialing in some tones. I am blown away by this sucker in sounds. Thanks again.
  4. Hello, new to the Helix/HX family. Love the tones. But.. My Stomp constantly freezes, sound still comes through but can't change any parameters, use the tuner or anything. Did it prior to upgrading to 2.82 which loaded successfully. Is this a normal thing with bugs or is it a dud that I should send back to Sweetwater for another? Before the freezes, I love the tones I am getting. Just frustrating I can't complete making my patches. Thank you.
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