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  1. Alright guys - thank you so much for putting your effort into figuring out the problems plus all of the things I forgot to mention in the original post! Took me a while to get behind all the knowledge you dropped in this thread but it seems like it´s really just a bad coincidence. The D.I. volume is actually all good in all of my presets except that SynthBlink one with the mentioned split and the Industrial Fuzz. I started messing around with the gate and the In-Z settings in the input block as I was suspecting this to operate before the signal is send to USB channel 5. I just wasn`t persistant enough and took the easy way by posting a forum thread ^^ I learned a lot from your short discussion and the Excel chart - big thanks for that! :) However, it´s still not a hundred percent clear how to fix this Preset without working a way around the split and the fuzz which does, of course, unwantedly affect the sound. It´s not like super important - there will probably be no need to re-amp that synth/guitar type of sound anyway. But just in case someone is able to reveal the 'magic' behind it - I would be interested :D
  2. Hey guys :) I recently noticed that I´ve got different volume levels of the D.I. signal going through USB channel 5 straight into my DAW. My guitar goes mono straight into the input of the HX Stomp. The device is connected to my PC in order to function as the interface. While recording I´m trying to track the main signal as well as the D.I. signal simultaneously for potential re-amping later. According to the users manual USB input 5 and 6 pick up the D.I-signal right behind the input jack so I can´t figure out why there is a volume difference of ~20dB between different patches when the same guitar is connected straight into the HX with the same cable. Is there any global or local setting in the HX Stomp affecting the volume on USB channel 5/6? You´ll find two different patches the problem occurs in attached to this post. I´m happy about any help I can get :) Best regards, Leopold RecRedFeathMain.hlx Synth Blink.hlx
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