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  1. Hi guys. Thanks a lot for all the information gathered in this thread. I tried the RS120 and the sound quality is really awful even for practicing. So I would like to test the following: I just found this cheap stereo transmitter on Amazon: https://www.amazon.es/dp/B0875ZDT99/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_EPxjFbAZX8KED My plan is to use them in the reverse way they are designed to, so to send audio from the amp output to the headphones (wired). Basically I'll use G10 os similar from the guitar output to the amp input and this stereo transmitter from the amp output to the receiver on my pocket. There I will connect a small jack female to female adapter to a pair of standard iPhone wired earpods. What do you think of this idea guys? I'll post results in a couple of weeks.
  2. Hi guys. I think I just found theSOLUTION for this annoying bug: JUST FACTORY RESET THE DEVICE and DO NOT EVER SAVE A TONE TO THE DEVICE. Here's the step by step guide: Push and Hold "TONE" and "VOLUME knob". Turn it on without releasing the 2 controls. As soon as you see a single flashing light (on the tone LEDs) you can release the 2 buttons. Now you did a factory reset, which means that you'll loose any tone you saved to the device and reset any setting you set there. The firmware version is kept. Just in case: go to your phone / bluetooth settings and forget "Amplifi" connection. Delete the app. Reinstall app, turn on the device and re-pair it long pressing the bluetooth button on the device, etc. Login to your account in Amplifi remote Now you can smile again, and stop swearing to those guys at Line6. But remember: NEVER EVER DARE TO USE THE SAVE TONE "FEATURE" TO DEVICE.... Foot note: This is happening in Firmware 2.60. In my opinion it's UNBELIEVABLE and UNACCEPTABLE that after 2+ years Line 6 did not manage to fix this properly. It should be a piece of cake for any decent developer. My suggestion to Line6: Why don't you open source the code if are not able to mantain it with a minimum of decency? Thanks.
  3. Dears: I am editing this post because after 2 weeks, Line6 support recommended me to bring back my unit to the shop and get a new one because I was probably having a hardware issue. I did it and I must say that the new unit works like a charm. I can do anything I should be able to do without any issue so far. I am keeping my original post below this lines for rhe sake of completeness but I was wrong on my guesses: --------------------- Thank you "dugbug": I was about to return my Amplifi 30 amp because it randomly stopped working, got bluetooth disconnections ,etc... and thanks to your post I just realized that what happened is that it WAS CRASHING because I saved a tone in Bank 1A. I did a factory reset and now works like a champ UNLESS I "dare" to save a tone to the unit. I am happy again, since the unit is very cool.. actually it made me play the guitar again regularly! So: JUST DO NOT EVER USE THE TONE SAVING "FEATURE" TO THE DEVICE: it will very likely corrupt your device memory. Final note: this is still happening on firmware 2.60 which is UNBELIEVABLE... after 2-3 years and Line6 didn't manage to fix such a stupid bug.... Here is my sugestion to Line6: if you cannot pay a single developer to fix this bug properly, why don't you just open source the code. I am sure that the community will do AMAZING things with this cool amp as well as fixing the F...ING bug. Enjoy!
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