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  1. Hi Leovinus. Just had a play around with the fbv. No the pedal does not alter the pulse convolutions in the tremelo. It works on the delay, tape echo, and sweep echo to good effect. Tremelo can only be altered manually on the amp itself. (Well it does on my spider IV 75w). Would be neat if it did, but sadly no.
  2. I believe that you can. Before I purchased my FBV a short while ago, I read all the specs and apparently it can alter the same values that the "tap" blinker button does on the amp. But that is on paper, and I've yet to try it myself. I shall experiment shortly and get back.
  3. Check the cable connection in the rear of the FBV II. Mine did the same when it first arrived until I checked. I thought it was all the way in, but It is a very firm solid fit, so needs a good shove, plus the outer plastic sometimes slides back and forth making it seem the the adaptor is further in than it actually is. Good luck.
  4. Thanks, I thought it may be similar to the spider V, which has an adjustable tweeter, but fixed. I can reduce the trebel and increase the bass controls no probs, and get a more tube-like grunt. Unfortunately, when I shift presets back and forth the settings revert back to the tin-smith whacking away at his anvil. Thanks for the advice on lining in an eq. I happen to have a Beringer eq 700 in my box of tricks. Time to put it to work. Out of curiosity...if I used the line out into another cab, not full range, how many watts would the speaker need to be to handle the the output? Thanks again for your advice.
  5. Hi guys, Having immense fun with my used Spider75 with FBV II. That is until I bang the volume up. When proper loud it grows as tinny as hell. I know this is a trait of digital amps, but my question is this:- Is it possible to attenuate the sound from the tweeter, and knock it back a bit. Even if using my own pedals through the clean channel as the well as all of the presets. Could I dampen 'ole tweety-pie completely inside the cab with strategically placed cloth/foam or something? Cheers.
  6. Yeah, dunno why it popped up after so long. I was about to put my two cents in before I clocked the date! PS: my first track on the onboard looper used to stay on the same voice too. Not any more.
  7. I searched through all the PDF downloads that I obtained, including those for spider 15. You are correct my country voices. Sorry about that, but I did try!!!
  8. Hi Charlinne. Not totally different. I play rock most of the time and enjoy a good thrash...but I also enjoy playing Beatles, Stones, and everything in-between. Dispite that, I just wanted to create a totally flat clean natural sound with no echo, twang etc that I could model or use for external pedals, or just a good 'ole lazy strum.
  9. Hey Tracer... You weren't kidding when you said this thread was old! Being a newbie) I didn't notice. Jbailes selfies are kinda hot though...
  10. I too enjoy a shedload of distortion, problem is that when you really crank up the volume on my spider IV 75, the sound grows too tinny. Especially the built in presets. Seems to be a trait of digital modelling amps. I keep it down by selecting manual, drive completely off, Bass up. Trebel and middle back some. Then I use my various Zoom pedals without suffering trebel overload. You can also save this squeaky clean setting to a user preset. All the clean settings on the main dial aren't flat clean.
  11. I'll have a gander at the pages that I downloaded. I only dialled in a few of the rockier tones into the amp, so didn't fully browse them all.
  12. Good point, I had forgotten about my amp's successor. Mind you, seeing as line6 sold a staggering million spider lVs, I'll try to post a link. Thanks for the reply. Rock on. CJS.
  13. Oops! Looks like your issue was resolved a fair while ago. Somehow I missed the responses to your issue. Sorry about that (you have a newbie here). Glad though that your amp is sorted. Cheers.
  14. Hello mate, I had the same issue as you, and the sound was awful especially when put through an external efx pedal. The way around this was to hit the Manual button...then set all smart knobs to zero. Set trebel and middle to 12 O' clock. Drive to zero. Bass and channel all the way up, then save to a bank of your choosing. I did this and dialled in "squeaky clean". It's totally clean without any accent and works well with external efx pedals. Give it a worked for me. Tell me how you get on. Good luck. CJS.
  15. Thanks fflbrgst. That's exactly how I've been going. BUT.... Been trawling and trawling through the line six stuff on my phone tonight for ages, and hit the jackpot. I downloaded pdf files on phone that had shedloads of new tones in chart form manually inputted settings...yay! Unfortunately my brain is now so overheated from all my attempts that I can't quite fathom how I achieved this small triumph, so to share this breakthrough with you is a no no just now. Give me a good night's kip, and I'll be on the case tomorrow, and if you're interested I'll explain how I got there. Failing that I could post you screenshots of the diagrams. Thanks again for the welcome. Cheers. CJS.
  16. Hi folks, It's high time that I got kicked off on this forum, if I'm in the wrong spot for my topic, mods and seasoned members please advise. Anyway, I got myself a used Spider IV 75 in mint condition from eBay, and the fbv 11 expression pedal for my birthday...sorted. been playing around with it, and have only just sussed that I can overwrite the preset, being as you can tweak them to your own personal settings and save them. All good, so my question to the forum collective is this: Is it possible to obtain new patches to dial in manually, as my ancient laptop has bitten the dust as far as downloading is concerned. I had a few dial-your -own tone diagrams in the bumff that came with the amp, and they worked great. More please! How do I find them? Can you help??? Cheers CJS.
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