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  1. I was looking for a 25-key keyboard of normal size to control the music applications of my iPod touch. With iOS interface, the choice was restricted, it was the one or the Akai Synthstation, or the Ion Piano Apprentice. Plex Kodi Lucky Patcher
  2. Hi to all! I recently bought a Mobile Keys 25 MIDI Keyboard. When it first came out of the box I connected it to my iPhone 4 (iOS 7.1) and opened Alchemy Mobile Synth and it played fine. After that I installed MIDI Memo app to my phone and automatically this changed Mobile Keys' firmware. After that it doesn't work. I keep having this message "this equipment is not compatible with this phone" or something like that. I contacted line 6 support & the guy I spoke with suggested that I should format my phone (re-install my iOS) and that should fix my problem. I did that but nothing changed. How can I make my keyboard work with my phone? Please help! Tutuapp 9apps Showbox
  3. I'm a little confused about some of the phrasing in your post, but here are some things to check: Is Windows 10 recognizing the UX1 as an audio device? Is Reaper audio device settings configured to use the UX1? If it's still not working, will Reaper work with selecting the default Windows sound device as the audio device? The UX1 should have POD Farm that came with it. When you run POD Farm as a standalone application and play guitar through a patch, does it generate sound? Do you have headphones or speakers plugged into the UX1 (as opposed to your normal computer audio jack)? If none of this works, it'll take some deeper troubleshooting. I use Reaper on Windows 7 with a UX2, and could put a bit of time into a Skype screenshare later on today if that would help. Clean Master Facebook Lite Mathway
  4. I'm currently recording songs on my computer and the quality of my microphone is awful and the microphone is very quiet. That doesn't surprise me, because it's a 20$ karaoke microphone... I got into a shop and wanted to look for a new microphone. The shop assistant suggested me to buy an USB Audio Interface first and he suggested me the "Roland Tri Capture" to start. Because I'm very new to the world of recording and don't want to spend 150$ unnecessary I wanted to ask you guys how important such an interface is? CCleaner Happy Wheels VLC
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